Guardians of Our Memories


I’d like to introduce you to a group of  people that I get to work with everyday. We live in different parts of the world, have different family situations, different languages, even different genders. We come together because we have one thing in common: we are the guardians of our memories. Each of us is a passionate memory keeper and chances are, if you are reading this, you are among our group too.

This group that I work with at The Daily Digi are primarily digital scrapbookers. We define digital scrapbooking as using technology of any kind to document your memories. Whether it’s posting on a blog, Facebook, a smartphone app, Flickr, adding metadata to your photos, or creating a full layout on your computer; it all counts as digital to us. I’m willing to bet that you fit into our definition of digital scrapbooking and didn’t even know it!

No matter your method of documenting your memories, we have some great things to share with you!

If you are not a digi scrapper (or at least don’t consider yourself one)…

You might find our photography posts interesting. Especially our post on “Photographing People Wearing Glasses”, or “Confessions of a P365 Quitter.”

We also have a lot of journaling posts that include everything from designing around your journaling, to feeling confident as a writer,  and some prompts along the way.

If you are on Pinterest (or want to get started), you will want to check out our Pinterest 101 Tutorial, How to Properly Pin to Pinterest, and Pinterest for Scrapbookers.

If you are thinking about getting your feet wet in digital scrapbooking…

Be sure to check out our FREE Digital Scrapbooking Manual where lots of digi scrappers (including Ali) share what we wish we would have known in the beginning. We have tutorials for scrapping your first layout in several programs. You might also want to check out my free class for beginners at Big Picture Classes.

If you have done a few things in Photoshop, maybe even made a layout or two…

Check out this post on scrapping a layout without a template, to learn how to create your own design in Photoshop.  Heddy wrote a great post on Photoshop Shortcuts that will be helpful.  How to use digi supplies might help you figure out the best way to put your goodies to use. You also might be ready to pump up your layouts to the next level with some rocking drop shadows (lots of tutorials linked up on that page).

If you are an advanced digital scrapbooker…

I’m sure you can handle these tutorials that include some of my favorite title techniques. Learn how to create a scalloped edge, inked edge, or text in/on a shape in our techniques section. The technique taught in “Fonts Don’t Float” is one of my most used techniques. PU/CU shows how to use some of those commercial use products you might have seen around.

Listening to your favorite scrapbookers…

If you like podcasts or want to give them a try, I’m sure you will like The Digi Show episodes Ali has been on. We recently had Becky Higgins on and discussed everything under the sun relating to Project Life (including the history). Jessica Sprague joined us to answer some of the tough questions about learning to design digital scrapbook supplies. We have also had great discussions about Scrapping the Hard Times and your Printing Questions Answered.

It doesn’t matter how you document OR scrap; paper, digi, hybrid, blogging, typing, or an iPhone app, we would love to connect with you! Check out our newsletter for resources and great free products (a few times a month); subscribe to our RSS feed; or follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have an iPhone, we even have our own app!