Scrapbookgraphics: A Community Pool


Many of you may not know that Scrapbookgraphics was my digital home for my fonts for a while. One of the reasons I chose Scrapbookgraphics was because of their reputation for quality digital products. I really enjoyed my time there and as a nervous, new Studio Girl was always so impressed with how helpful the designers and staff were. Under Maya’s leadership, Scrapbookgraphics is still well-known for their quality and diversity in styles and I am thrilled to be welcoming them back to The Digi Files again!

Let’s take a closer look at “Heart First” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is just ONE of the SEVEN collections included in The Digi Files and Digi Game membership during March. You get ALL of them for only $7.50 total with your membership!

Here are some layouts created using Scrapbookgraphics’s contribution:


Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Heart First by Scrapbookgraphics; Fonts: Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Heart First by Scrapbookgraphics.


Layout by Melissa. Supplies: Heart First by Scrapbookgraphics; Cindy Schneider Builders 2 6×12; Fonts: Heather Hess The Dry Ribbon.


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Heart First by Scrapbookgraphics; Our Journey Collab (template) by MScraps Designers.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.







I (Maya) had been scrapping using my computer for a couple of years before the term “digital scrapbooking” had even been coined and I was a part of the very first online digital scrapbooking community as a design team member back in January of 2003. Back at that time there were no products available to download to use on our pages, and so whenever we created a scrapbook page, we all made our own backgrounds and elements. Design team members started donating the elements they created into a community pool to share with others. It didn’t take long to realize that the community couldn’t get enough of these elements when almost every page going through the galleries would be embellished with the same group of clips, buttons and bows. And, the community was growing at such an amazing rate that it struck me that there was great market potential.

I launched Scrapbookgraphics in August of 2003 and released my first collection of products on a CD. As an afterthought, I offered downloads of the collection to customers awaiting their package in the mail. This ended up being my inspiration to offer page kits and element packages in the Scrapbookgraphics download shop. Success was immediate and beyond my wildest imagination. I had no idea at the time that my beloved hobby would open the door to a brand new career for me.

The late, great Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” I have experienced this truth directly through digital design and Scrapbookgraphics and out of my excitement and gratitude I hope to continue to inspire others to this realization for many years to come.


Do you have a tip for someone that is thinking about selling their designs?
You usually only have one chance to make a good impression, so don’t make your design debut before you have developed the proper skill and understanding of the industry you are looking to become a part of. If I were just starting out as a designer now, I would hold off selling my designs until I had honed my skills and felt ready to present my portfolio to the stores that I held in the highest regard and thought best suited my style. Never be afraid to reach for the stars for fear of rejection, and even if you are told “no thank you”, don’t take it personally. No doesn’t mean that you are not talented or respected as a designer. It is simply just a matter of finding the right store-to- designer fit, and timing.

I can’t speak for the other shops, but at Scrapbookgraphics I am more than happy to consider applications from brand new designers. If I feel that their products can hold up to the quality and creativity of the other designers in our store, and that their design style would be appealing to our customer base, I would be thrilled to help launch their design careers.

However, I do not often offer guided internships, so designers who approach me should already know what is expected of them with regard to quality, industry standards, copyright issues, and have a general grasp of the investment required for self-promotion. I also think it is important that new designers not get accustomed to using a lot of Commercial Use products. CU products can be excellent time saving tools if used properly but generally speaking a designer should have the skill set to make most of those tools themselves and if they do use CU products, they should be altered sufficiently as to be unrecognizable to their original form.

Lastly, I get most excited when I discover designers who have the creativity and imagination to be unique, carve out their own niche in the market.

It is a little difficult for me to talk about my favorite or the most popular store-wide collaborations because our store collabs are somewhat different than they are at other shops. We have grown to a point where our variation of styles eventually made it very difficult for us to put together a really cohesive store-wide collaboration. We can do it, but we realized that it was much more fun and inspiring for us to work in smaller collaborations of 3 or 4 designers, often who share similar styles but not always. This is how our Studio Mix collections were born. We are mixing and mashing different small groups of designers for each Studio Mix and we have been having a real blast working together this way.

I organize the groups, and then assign team leads for each group. The team lead assesses the strengths of her group of designers and then comes up with a theme, colour pallet and a vision board meant to inspire the collection. And inspired we have been! From the get-go with this project the designers have found it extremely difficult to limit their contributions to a kit sized project and so each kit has a series of add-on packs that we have titled our B-Sides.

So rather than highlighting one product that may exclude many of our fabulous designers. I would simply like to invite the reader to browse our Studio Mixes found in the Studio Girls Collective shop. We would love to hear which designer combos YOU enjoy the most and are always open to receiving combination requests as well.


Here are some of my favorite products by the Studio Girls at Scrapbookgraphics:
Here are some more inspirational layouts using Scrapbookgraphics’ products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

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Go have a look at Scrapbookgraphics! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from the store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!