Smart Phone Photography Resources


All photos in the image above and in this post are SOC (straight out of camera) and taken with my iPhone 4S.

I took a little trip to Disneyland this past January and the only camera I took with me was my iPhone 4S. It was a big decision for me to leave my new DSLR at home and it took quite a bit of willpower as well. I wanted to pack as light as possible though, and a DSLR isn’t exactly compact. After my first day out at the park, I was glad I made the choice I did.


To help keep things simple, I didn’t use any apps, I just turned my flash off permanently and started shooting! I was amazed at how good many of the photos turned out (without any editing involved although I did crop the photo below).


I’ve been gathering resources for improving smart phone photos since then and thought I would share:

WeLovePhoneography by PhotoJoJo (general smartphone)

WeAreJuxt (expanding into Android as well as existing iPhone)

I’m sure many of you follow @PhotoJack (Jack Hollingsworth – love that last name) on Twitter and have noticed an influx of tweets related to iPhoneography. I sent him an email this past weekend, and he indicated that in the next 45 days, he will be launching a new website and blogsite dedicated to iPhoneography. In the mean time, watch for updates.

You can take a class taught by the one and only Jack Hollingsworth at Creative Live (I’m kinda geeking out about that one…and to think that maybe I could have gone to the live class…kicking myself for not paying attention).

You can watch the first fifteen minutes of’s iPhoneography course for free. After the first two lessons, you will need to make a monthly or annual payment.

Check out Peta Pixel’s post on taking better smart phone pics.

Pixiq says: “You get much better photos with a camera than without one”. So true, and exactly why I love my iPhone! Check out Pixiq’s 8 tips for better smart phone photos.

PetaPixel’s post on taking better smart phone food pictures.

Be sure to check out the above sites on Twitter, Facebook, and their RSS feeds to stay up to date with the latest. I’ve been having lots of fun learning about improving my iPhone photos. Although I’m not sure if I will do Disney without my DSLR next time, it was a lot of fun to challenge myself to just shoot with my iPhone, after all, it is the one that is always with me!

P.S. If you have some smart phone sites you like to follow, please share in the comments!