Why It Works


Title graphic: The Good Life Daily Digi member exclusive kit; Fonts are Never Let Go and Splendid 66

I love looking at beautiful pages. They inspire me to try new things and learn new tricks. I went through some of The Daily Digi’s team member’s galleries and chose a few to spotlight to help “decode” why the pages work.

Youer Than You


Page by Aaron. Credits.

I love how Aaron positioned all the bright paper circles on a neutral white background to make them pop. He’s also broken up the text into different areas, which makes the reader’s eye move across the page.

The Daily Digi has some tips and tutorials to help you achieve a similar page:

Going to the Circus


Page by Jenn. Credits.

This page by Jenn features a great story, full little details. The page title is the perfect summary of what this page is about. I love how she used the word “circus” in the softly background and wrote “we’re going to the” on top. Definitely a title-trick worth noting. On the left, she used several smaller scale patterns on top of a more neutral zig-zag pattern paper. By controlling the size and colours of the patterns, she was able to combine multiple patterned papers without them being overwhelming.

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Page by Katie. Credits.

Katie rocked a template here and made it her own. The faded big-picture background adds context to the smaller photo. Check out the shadow detailing on the string. Special touches like that make a page stand out.

What Was I Thinking?


Page by Trina. Credits.

Trina’s page showcases some lovely, detailed clustering. The photo is the star here because the clustering is arranged in a way that frames the photo and doesn’t eclipse it. The title here is an alpha, but you can make similar style by using your favourite font and the “sticker trick”. (You can also use a purchased doodle action to outline the text.)

So Lucky


Page by Lauren. Credits.

I love how Lauren has put elements just peeking out from the left and bottom edges of this page, creating a visual triangle with the main photo cluster. The vibrant, energetic orange background is eye-catching, but the softer toned photo is still visible because it contrasts with the background. The word-strip title adds a great hand-cut touch to the page.

You might find some more useful information here:

I hope you enjoyed these great pages by my teammates. I am so very lucky to be able to learn from them month after month here at The Daily Digi!