Play it Again with a name


One of my favorite posts to do each month is the “Play it Again” feature because I love to show that there are many different ways to scrap the same memory. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to create a page and all of these wonderful examples illustrate that point!

For this challenge, I sent my journaling and photo to some of the best scrappers in digiland. Here’s the story I asked them to document:

Colleen is my middle name. It’s supposed to be pronounced as “kah-LEEN” but nobody ever gets it right. Most everyone seems to say it as “koh-LEEN” like the beginning would rhyme with the word “no”. The beginning should really rhyme with the world “ball” and sound like “call”. It especially drives my Mom crazy that it’s always been mispronounced (even at my own wedding ceremony). She always wanted a little girl named Katie Colleen so there was no doubt for her when it came time to name me.

The name Colleen is Celtic or Gaelic in origin and the meaning is “girl”. It is also considered to be an Irish name with the meaning of “Irish Girl”. I’ve always thought the Irish connection was fun since my birthday is pretty close to St. Patrick’s Day.

Even though I do like my middle name, I rarely use it because of the pronunciation issue. It just isn’t worth having to explain it to everyone. That’s why I just use the middle initial of “C” when I write out my full name.

This photo was taken in March of 2005 (back when I used to highlight my hair).

Here are the results:

I just adore the mixture of patterned papers on this layout and the spring colors are perfect for a picture taken in the month of March. I like the finishing touch that the stitching around the edge gives the layout.


Layout by Amy Melniczenko. Gallery Link. We Are In Love by Elise’s Pieces, font is Mom’s Typewriter

The clusters of elements are so pretty on this layout and they do a great job of leading the viewer into the story. I love the black and white treatment of the photograph and the fabulous shadowing work!


Britanee (britaneejean) Gallery link Supply Credits: Be Inspired – Amy – Vol 3 by WM[squared] Designs, What Matters Most by Jady Day Studio & Kim Broedelet, Rock the Shadows Layer Styles by Tracie Stroud.  Font is Typewriter Scribbled

The sepia tone of the photo turned out so nice on this page and I love how the journaling is still easy to read on a patterned paper background. My middle name in the white alpha letters is a great hook to get the reader curious about the story being told.


Layout by Laura (emmasmommy) Gallery Link. Dani Mogstad Secret Recipe Shawna Clingerman Alpha Stash Essential White Pack font DJB I am THAT girl

This layout shows that art journaling techniques can be used for a creative way to scrap a memory. I like my new artsy look Smile and the page is fun and inviting.


Layout by Lorilei Murphy. Gallery link. Art by Studio Rosey Posey

I love dark solid backgrounds with a punch of color and pattern! The flowers are the perfect embellishment to give this page a feminine touch. The text is nice and easy to read also.


Layout by Anne. gallery link. Night & Day by Che Yang Designs, stitches from Stitch it up by Chrisdam Designs Fonts: Helvetica Neue and Selfish

With the photo flipped for the blended background, I got to see another side of myself. It’s such a nice and subtle effect to include a light and blended version of a picture as a background image. The clustering on the stacked frame is just exquisite!


layout by Jenn Lindsey (gallery link) Credits: Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Stolen Moments, All The Small Things by Something Blue Studios, Art Play Palette: Ablaze by Anna Aspnes, Dandelion Wishes by Jenn Barrette, Where I Stand by Litabells Designs, The Other Twin & The Teenage Dream fonts by Heather Hess

These layouts are all very different from each other, but every one of them is fantastic! Each scrapper captured my story in a unique and beautiful way. Thanks so much to the talented digi scrappers who helped us see all the different ways to PLAY!

Look through each layout again and think about which one you prefer. Think about why that one stands out to you and what you like about it. It’s a great exercise to help you learn about yourself as a scrapper and your own preferred style. It also might help you explore some new styles that you haven’t tried before.  Its perfectly OK to use several different styles and methods in your own scrapbooking – I do it all the time!  When you get ready to work on your next layout, take some time to think about all the ways you could play with that memory and have some fun!

katie big

P.S. The font used in the title image is Café Rojo