The Hidden Heart: I’m 15 Years Old


I discovered Re several months ago and purchased some of his goodies. I really liked his artistic, whimsical style. I knew nothing about him (didn’t even know that he was a boy, actually. I started to ask around (like I often do when a designer is new-to-me) and was dumbfounded to learn Re was a FIFTEEN year old boy! Such talent at such a young age, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for  him! Let’s take a closer look at “So Cool!” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


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Here are some layouts created using The Hidden Heart’s contribution:


Layout by Karen. Supplies: So Cool! by The Hidden Heart; Template by Tiffany Tillman.
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: So Cool! by The Hidden Heart.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: So Cool! by The Hidden Heart; Fonts: Giggles by Fontologie; Rub This!, xoxo Karen by Fonts for Peas.
Layout by Kimberly. Supplies: So Cool! by The Hidden Heart; All Roads Lead Home (scallop) by PxlCafe; Fonts: DJB I Love Me Some Celeste, Impact, Hero.
Layout by Jenn. Supplies: So Cool! by The Hidden Heart; Fonts: Waterfalls and Howie’s Stamps.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

Hi! I’m Renan Kneipp (aka rekneipp) and I live in Brazil (near Rio de Janeiro), so is very hot here! LOL I wanna go to somewhere cold! hehe I have 1 sister, her name’s Ju Kneipp (she’s a designer too). I love her! 🙂 I’m a boy. This is something difficult to find in scrapworld… I’m 15 years old (until Feb.28). I LOVE animals, chocolate, travel, movies, photography and more! I like to talk. That’s why my bio is huge! hehe





So, I put everything I love in this page… or almost! hehe I love music, movies, travel, photography, paint, and much more! I made this page when I was designing as Re Kneipp Designs and I used my collab kit with Studio Tangie to create this page! 🙂


That’s a looooooooong story! hehe I have been designing for a little more than 2 years. I guess… =/ And I’m scrapping for almost 3 years! (OMG! I’m doing this for a long time!) Well, my sister, Ju Kneipp, has a friend, Kel (my friend too. LOL), that was starting on digiscrap, and she was invited to be Kel’s partner on a new blog called Boutique Freebies (or something like that), that turned to be Boutique Cute Dolls. They created a lot of freebies and stuff. I had seen everything they were doing and I fell in love with scrapbook and I decided to get in! I started creating some pages and posting at DigiscrappersBrasil, but a few months later I decided to post in other galleries, like MSA, DST, and others. In Feb ’09, I created my first freebie on my personal blog and then I tried a lot of designer calls, or designer challenges (to become a designer of the challenging shop) but I received a lot of NOs! But I didn’t give up! My sister and her friend, Kel, saw my wish to be a designer and invited me to become a designer of Boutique Cute Dolls. I accepted the invite, of course! hehe I created a kit and an alpha and then I decided to leave Boutique Cute Dolls and follow the “solo” career… as Re Kneipp Designs. Then, I tried a designer call of Sunshine Studio Scraps and I received an YES! So, I stayed at SUN for 6 months, I guess, and then I started selling at DigiscrappersBrasil, for 6 months or 1 year, I don’t know… After those months as a DSB designer, I was invited to be a ScrapbookGraphics designer! OMG! That was AWESOME ! After a few months I was uninspired and took a break. A few months later, I sent Amy (A5D owner) an email asking her a spot at After Five and she said YES! And now, i’m designing there (as The Hidden Heart) and I’m loving it! Everyone is awesome at A5D!
Everything! A music, a movie, my friends, my family, my dreams (I create a lot of my kits based on my dreams… or nightmares… LOL), and more… What inspires me to create is life!

Computer: Notebook
I use Windows 7, but I’ll buy a Mac next year… Thank God! haha
500GB HD + EHD
15″ monitor

Program: Photoshop CS5 + plugins (like Alien Skin, Filter Forge…)
Corel Painter 11

Camera: I have a Nikon D3000. Isn’t mine, but I use it! LOL

Anything Else: Bamboo Tablet
EHD (but I don’t use it…)
I have a lot of tips to you give to you! But I’ll give only 2 this time! hehe

1st) The use of shadows! One of the most important things in a page, for me, is the use of shadows. You can use styles or create your owns. But don’t forget to use shadows! hehe To get a good shadow effect on my elements, I like to use a shadows style, then, I create a separate layer with the shadow, and then I improve it going to Edit>Transform>Warp… I use this trick to ribbons and other elements to get a 3D effect. hehe

2nd) If I use a commercial use product in my kits, I try to change it to get more original… I try to give my style in it. I don’t like designers that only change the colors or something…

I like it because it’s a happy kit with a lot of cute animals that I love! I love the colors, elements, papers,… everything! hehe What makes it special is that I made almost everything in it… except the real elements.

It’s popular because of the colors, the dolls, the theme… What inspired it was the season, winter and the peppermint cocoa! LOL Laurie Ann chose the colors… but everything, including the colors, was inspired in the winter! What makes this product special is that we put all our talent and passion in it… and I think this is being recognized. Thank you all for getting this kit!!!! <3

Here are some of my favorite products by The Hidden Heart by Re Kneipp:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using The Hidden Heart by Re Kneipp’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.



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