Adjusting text size on your monitor & in programs


computer doodle by Kate Hadfield (Scrapping 9 to 5)

Whenever I borrow my husband’s laptop, I can barely read the text on his screen. I’m not that old (really!) but with all the time I spend looking at a computer screen, I don’t like to strain my eyes to read the text. I usually change the factory settings on my computer for text size to make everything a little easier to see. I also use my favorite trick of enlarging a screen that has tiny text on it. I simply hold down the CTRL button on my keyboard while using the scroll wheel on my mouse to enlarge or shrink down page sizes as needed.

Here are some great resource links with instructions on how to adjust sizes:

Did you know you can also change the size of viewable text in Photoshop programs? I was so happy to find these resources:

If you are having a hard time reading something on your computer screen or even an electronic device like a Kindle, be sure to check out the settings and make the needed adjustments. Your eyes will thank you!

katie big

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