Something Blue Studios: Mucking Around


I love Danielle from Something Blue Studio and I love her designs equally as much!  Danielle is an extremely talented artist and we can see that in her digital designs! I love all of the unique and super fun embellishments she includes in her collections. I’m so excited to have her here with us again! Let’s take a closer look at “All The Small Things” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is just ONE of EIGHT collections you get this month when you are a member of The Digi Files and Digi Game. You get all eight collections and a downloadable book with ideas for using the supplies and tricks and techniques for only $7.50 per month. You also get access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member (starting on when you sign up). When you become an annual member you get 12 months for the price of 11!

Here are some layouts created using Danielle from Something Blue Studios’ contribution:

Layout by Melissa. Supplies: All The Small Things by Danielle from Something Blue Studios; So Cool (camera, word art, border cluster) by The Hidden Heart; Font: DJB Mouseketeer Kim.


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: All The Small Things by Danielle from Something Blue Studios; Solos Part I by Busy Bee Designs.


Layout by Kimberly. Supplies: All The Small Things by Danielle from Something Blue Studios; Play (red stitching) by Studio Baers Garten; Fonts: Typewriter Scribbled.
Layout by Tara. Supplies: All The Small Things by Danielle from Something Blue Studios; Template Flight Plan #13 by One Little Bird; Fonts: Avenier, DJB Digi Tara.
Layout by Kim. Supplies: All The Small Things by Danielle from Something Blue Studios; Template by Cindy Schneider; Font: DJB Digi Kim.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

I’m Danielle Catalano-Titus. My husband and I live just outside Boston Massachusetts with our two sweet kids, Max and Zoë, and one seemingly everlasting hermit crab. I work full time teaching High School Art, run a couple of etsy shops, and spend a lot of time wishing I was one of those moms who juggles it all effortlessly.





I wanted to scrap a couple of pages about my kids’ love for their stuffed animals – Max has Giraffie and Zoë has Ellie the Elephant. This is actually the idea that inspired my featured kit – trying to figure out a theme/color scheme that would work for both boys and girls so I could display the pages together in their album. I love this page because the focus is just on this well-loved stuffed animal without a lot of other “stuff”. I do a lot of busy art journal-type pages and ATC’s, so this one was a nice break from that. I’m working on Ellie’s page now.


Created entirely with stuff from All The Small Things

I started designing scrapbook stuff in 2004, just after my daughter was born. I love Photoshop, and designing fun stuff that I could use to decorate my photos AND sell as well seemed like a pretty good deal to me. I don’t scrap very much at all (not anything I would display in any gallery anyway) so for me it’s really always been about designing and mucking around in Photoshop.

That’s a hard question! I think I just HAVE to create, because it’s who I am. I bet most people reading this can relate. I am not the most prolific digi designer (I’m working on it), but I am constantly busy with other creative stuff in just about every area of my life.

Computer: All I know is I have a computer. Beyond that, I am oblivious. The front of my tower tells me it’s an HP Workstation, if that helps. I have only one monitor but it’s pretty big, so that’s OK.

Program: I’m using Photoshop CS5 Extended. Illustrator too. That’s about it.

Camera: Some sort of Canon Digital Rebel. I’m no photographer, so this works just fine for me. That’s why we have Photoshop.

Anything Else: I could not live without my Wacom tablet!! I also have a lovey and gigantic Epson printer, a CanoScan 8800, and my most recent acquisition is a KNK Maxx die cutter, which is a ton of fun.

I recently went to a Photoshop workshop in Boston and the presenter gave us this cool tip for photographers. You probably already do some version of this but as I’ve said, I’m no photographer so it’s all new to me. I like this tip because we love to travel and always forget where exactly we took the photos. So, what this guy does (darn I forget his name) is at the beginning of a shoot in one place, he takes a photo of his fist in the air. As he’s leaving that place, he takes another photo of his fist. Somewhere in the middle, he takes a picture of a sign that says the name of the place (or you can do what I do – write it on a napkin). If you do this, you’ll not only have a quick visual reference when you’re looking at a zillion thumbnails (the fist in the air is easy to spot), you’ll ALSO know that every photo between the fists is from the same place, which is named somewhere on a napkin or a sign in one of those photos. I thought that was a neat trick.

I really love all of the Altered 365 stuff, but this one is my favorite. The colors actually coordinate with one of our Catwalks at CatScrap – I didn’t even choose them! I just got lucky that they worked so well for this collection. I’ve been doing a lot of ATC’s and I just find that all the little painty doodads in this kit work well for those. I don’t usually go for bright-and-cheery so I’m a little surprised that this tured out to be my favorite. 🙂

After all these years, my Worn Photo Overlays remain my all-time best sellers. All of them. I chose this one because it’s the one I use the most. but they all are equally popular. The first ones were released in a kit called Autumn Decay in fall of 2007, and people started emailing right away to ask for more of them. Then, Dagmar Neumann stretched one out to place over a background paper (did you know she was the first?), the crowd went wild, and the rest is history. I think that’s a cool story.

Here are some of my favorite products by Something Blue Studios:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using Something Blue Studios’ products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.


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