A new generation of e-cards

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I’ve never been a fan of e-cards (electronic greeting cards) in the past because they never looked all that great. Things sure have changed in the past few years and there are some really nice designs and fun apps to use for sending photos & greetings to anyone at anytime!

My favorite app is one I used as a pick on episode #24 (Feed Your Disease) of the digi show. It’s called Red Stamp and at this time it’s available only for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It’s free to download and use. If you want to send a physical card, it does cost $3.99 to do that.


Here are some creations I made with this app:

photo (1)

photo (2)


I decided to order a physical copy of one of my cards so I could see what the quality was like. It was printed up like a nice sturdy postcard and the image was very clear and crisp (unlike my photo). My only concern was that it didn’t arrive in an envelope, it was shipped just like a postcard. Mine arrived in perfect condition, but for $3.99 I did expect an envelope. You certainly can’t beat the free app and free e-sending. If you want to send a physical card, I would still recommend Red Stamp, just be aware that it arrives postcard style.


What if you don’t use an iPhone or related device? If you use an Android, you can search for ecard apps. It’s also the perfect opportunity to use those digi supplies and photoshop skills to create your own fun e-greetings to send via email. This post will come in handy: Birthday cards from digital supplies.

Have fun sending your e-creations!

katie big