Steph & Katie’s Lightroom Showdown


I love editing my photos in Lightroom and I’ve shared that passion in this post here at The Daily Digi and in several episodes of The Digi Show. Presets are my best friend when it comes to making my photos shine and it really is my favorite method for photo editing. I keep telling Steph that “she will love editing photos in Lightroom” but she hasn’t been all that interested since she kind of dreads photo editing. She has enjoyed using Lightroom for tagging her digital scrapbook supply previews and has shared that passion in this post and also on The Digi Show. She keeps telling me that it’s so fast and easy and I “really need to try it.” I’ve made a big point about how I really don’t like to tag supplies. I’ve had bad experiences in the past and I’ve been very happy with my trusty folder system. We found that we both were passionate about different parts of Lightroom and wanted to share what we loved with each other. I’m not sure who issued the first “challenge”, but somehow it became an idea that I would try tagging previews, if she would try photo editing with presets. We started referring to it as a “showdown” and we decided our readers would also enjoy seeing this epic battle. LOL!

The Anti-Tagger (aka Katie)


I took a deep breath and imported all the images from my misc. kits preview folder into Lightroom. I applied the keyword “preview” to each of them as they imported which meant all I had to do was to type that word once and it was automatically applied to all 515 previews as they were imported into the program. (Yes, I realize I have a slight addiction!)


That was super easy, (and fast) but I needed to see how it worked if I wanted to tag each preview with the designer’s name. The whole point of tagging for me would be to make it easier to search for something specific. I went through and selected all the kits by a certain designer and then applied a keyword of their name. In this case, I chose Lauren Reid’s kits and added the keyword “laurenreid”.


This was a very easy and quick process since the previews were already organized by designer name in my folder. I was able to keyword all 515 previews in less than 18 minutes! Suddenly, it made sense for me to apply tags to my supplies because the process was fast and painless. The keywords are applied as metadata so I don’t have to worry about losing them or that they are only useful in Lightroom because that information is written to the file’s metadata. Now my previews are all tagged with the designer’s name from Anita Designs to Zoe Pearn! (A to Z) I could also easily add keywords based on the kit’s theme or other relevant factors. For the first time in years, I’m excited about tagging!

The Editing Hater (a.k.a. Steph)


I hate editing photos! That is not news to you at all if you listen to The Digi Show. The problem is, I can’t put a photo on a layout without editing it first, no matter how I try. Editing photos just takes too long, which makes me not like it.

Katie has been telling me for a very long time that if I edited my photos in Lightroom, I would like it, but I have remained skeptical. I bought Lightroom a long time ago and did a bit of photo editing and admitted that I could probably start to hate it less. However, I didn’t really understand the program that well and I didn’t want to take the time to learn it, just to edit photos.

After getting my supplies organized in Lightroom, I could see the advantage it would be in my workflow to edit in Lightroom as well. When Katie agreed to my challenge, I dug in and started learning how to edit in Lightroom. I went through the Basic Develop Module Workflow video at (Chapter 26 video 1). It was a seven minute video and enough to get me going!

I already knew how to import my photos from doing all of my product previews, so I got to work importing all 35,548 photos taken over the past 5 years (yes, I still have another harddrive that includes photos taken between 2000 and 2006).

I had an album in mind that I wanted to work on and decided to process those photos. I selected several photos at time that had similar lighting conditions and used my Totally Rad Presets to edit them. I also applied tags to the photos based on event:


I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to batch edit these photos. I would have never sat and batch processed this many photos in Photoshop…ever. It took me 3 hours to edit almost 300 photos. While I won’t say that I LOVED it, I will say that I didn’t hate it. I would even go as far as saying I liked it (I had to have at least liked it in order to sit there for 3 hours editing).

What I’m most excited about is now that I have my photos in Lightroom and my supply previews organized and tagged in Lightroom; I can batch edit some photos, select a few for a layout, and add a layout keyword to the photos as well as the supply preview I want to use.


Here’s a closer look at the keywords on the above images:


When I am ready to scrap, I can export those photos into Photoshop. I can right click on the preview and select “Show in Explorer” and the folder containing those supplies will open; from there, I can drag and drop the supplies I want to use into Photoshop.


I am excited about being able to quickly edit my photos in Lightroom and have them looking “good enough” to go on my layouts. I am super excited about the way I will be able to incorporate all of this into my workflow and save time.


If you are having a hard time getting excited about a technique that someone else loves, try going head-to-head with them in a challenge. Help each other by sharing tips and tricks. Ask each other questions. If you don’t have a digi buddy, try posting in a forum to ask for some inspiration. Or create your own challenge by deciding something like “I’m going to to try Katrina’s technique for photographing people with glasses” or “I’m going to start a pinboard for pages just like Heddy did.” We love to share our passions here at The Daily Digi and we are often inspired by something YOU tell us about in the comments. It’s fun to learn from each other. I’m sure glad Steph challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new!

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