Stolen Moments Designs: Part Time by Night


Sometimes, when I come across a new designer, their designs really jump out at me and I remember them for a long time. If I find myself going back again and again to see what’s new, I know I’m hooked. That’s what happened after I found Stolen Moments Designs. I love her great color sense and unique elements that can always be found. So many fun things that inspire me to scrap my memories! Let’s take a closer look at “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is just ONE of the collections you get this month when you become a  member of The Digi Files OR Digi Game! This month, we have EIGHT full collections for a total of $7.50 and that includes our Playbook with ideas for putting the products into action!

Here are some layouts created using Stolen Moments’s contribution:

LO1Layout by Karen. Supplies: Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Stolen Moments; Fonts: .
Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Stolen Moments; Fonts: DJB DigiKim.
Layout by Anne. Supplies: Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Stolen Moments; Fonts: Noteworthy.
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Stolen Moments.


Layout by SharonS

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

I’m Amber, a 27-yo mom of 1-and-a-half boys, who works full time by day and scraps part time by night. I’m back living in northern Utah after having been away for 3 years while DH completed his MFA in theatre in Missouri. My degree is also in theatre, and my “real job” is in arts administration. BTW, I hate these types of intros – I’m never witty or clever enough to make them interesting.. 😉





These are some little boxes I made to give homemade gifts in for Christmas of 2010. My favorite thing about them is that they were my first true dive into hybrid crafting. I never paper scrapped before starting digi, and it was really fun to “get my hands dirty” in a way I never really had before.


I was first introduced to digital scrapping the summer of 2008 when my husband’s cousin blogged about it. I had a new baby at the time, missed having a creative outlet now that I was a SAHM, and had always been intimidated by “real” scrapbooking because I’m too much of a perfectionist. The idea of being able to ctrl+z whenever I needed was a perfect solution! I surfed around the freebie sites for a couple weeks and decided I wanted to try my hand at designing, and the rest is history.

The first thing that always speaks to me when I’m looking for inspiration is color. I’ll see an image – DS’s clothes, a family photo, an ad in a magazine – and the colors will immediately pop out at me and say something. The final product may not have anything to do with the image I pulled the colors from, but the feelings evoked by that combination of colors is always there.

Computer: I do all of my work on my 15″ Dell Inspiron 1564 that I bought back in 2009. She’s in desperate need of a new battery (as in, the moment it comes unplugged she dies), hasn’t had any RAM or other upgrades (although she needs them) and is running Windows 7 – which I love! 🙂 Before getting Stella I worked from DH’s desktop with a 17″ monitor and never thought I’d be able to comfortably work on a laptop – now, though, I can’t ever image going back!

Program: My primary program for designing is Photoshop CS3. I do a bit in Illustrator, but not enough to make any great claims to fame. I also occasionally use ArtRage, and all of my fonts are built in FontCreator.

Camera: Just a simple P&S – the Panasonic Lumix that we bought just before DS was born in 2008. It does a decent enough job – I didn’t know at the time what good really was. We keep saying we’ll save up for a DSLR, but somehow something else always sneaks in to use the cash instead.. One day, though… 😉

Anything Else: I have a Bamboo Fun tablet that I really enjoyed playing with when I first purchased it. But DS got his hands on the stylus once a while back and it’s just never been the same since. Luckily my design style doesn’t really use a whole lot of doodling, so I don’t find that I’m missing out too terribly often.

The BIGGEST time saver I’ve come across in scrapping is the function in PS to “load files into stack.” Go to File –> Scripts –> Load Files into Stack. From there, navigate to the folder you’d like your images to come from and select as many as you like by ctrl+clicking or shift+clicking. The beauty of this is that it keeps the file names of each item in tact in your document (great for those of you who aren’t one-kit scrappers and need to keep track of things for credits) – it also loads them alphabetically, (which always comes in handy as I’m doing product previews). As I’m working, I only need to have two windows open – one with my loaded files and one with the page I’m working on. Once I’ve used a certain piece on my page, I’ll delete that layer from the loaded files document and can easily see if I’ve used everything I wanted to.

A few other time savers in PS that I’m ALWAYS using is to hold down the shift key while I’m dragging a layer from one document to the other. This will always center your layer within your page and make it easy to find. Another one is rather than digging through layer after layer in your palette to select an object, simply ctrl+click on it on your page and that layer will automatically be selected. If you want to select several things – a photo and frame, for example – ctrl+click the first item, then while still holding down the ctrl key, shift+click each other item. This selects everything you click on and you can now treat them as one as long as they are all selected (applying the same layer style, moving them around on the page, etc.)

It seems that my favorite kit is always my most recent – however The Sweetest Season has managed to stand the test of time a bit more than most. I was inspired by an image of a beautifully decked out Christmas tree while I was spending some quality time on Pinterest.. 😉 The colors in the photo were so vibrant, but the feel was still very vintage. I wanted to create something a little more kitschy than I normally do, and while I still have a lot to learn in that area, I loved the journey I took in creating the kit and the challenge it presented me to think outside my normal designer box. And hello – that snowman – does it get any cuter than that?!?

The colors and theme for Makin’ Me Happy were inspired by a bouquet of flowers DH randomly brought home to me for no special reason at all.. Nearly 2 years after its release, I’m still getting fairly regular sales of the kit, and I think the biggest reason is that it’s so versatile. The primary colors with a good neutral base can be used for a variety of different types of pages, and there is enough variety within the kit itself that each page I’ve seen with it is different – so no matter your scrapping style, you’ll find something in there for you.. Another reason I think people pick it up is that it just so happens to have a “mouse-inspired” add-on as well.. 😉

Here are some of my favorite products by Stolen Moments:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using Stolen Moments’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.


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