How to create your own infographics


Infographic by Katie. Light bulb icon from Wikimedia commons. Fonts are varying forms of Arial.


I’ve been fascinated with infographics for some time now. I love the visual representation of data and facts and I really see it as another form of digital scrapbooking. When Steph posted this amazing infographic at the beginning of the year, I knew I had to figure out how to work on my own graphic design skills so I could make my own creation!


The most important ingredients for an effective infographic include; data that can be represented visually, a clean & organized design, and good typography. Study infographic images that are appealing to you and make note of how the information was presented and what design techniques were used. Here are a few that I love:


source: daily infographic


source: daily infographic

I especially love these infographics because they represent personal data shared in a fun & beautiful way. These would be great for scrapbook layouts!


When you’re ready to create your own infographic, there are several great resources you’ll want to explore.

If you create any infographic-inspired layouts, we’d love to see them! Just upload them to our flickr group or leave a link here in the comments.

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