Pinterest for Scrapbookers


on the fly border by Kristin Rice – Kstudio

I found out about Pinterest through Katie’s post about the site back in April 2011. Fast forward to the present and you’ll find me on Pinterest every day! If you haven’t experienced it yet, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site. It’s a simple concept, but since it’s so visual, I’ll walk you through The Daily Digi (TDD) on Pinterest. You can find TDD’s pins here. TDD organizes its pins into several boards (topics), like this:


I know that’s probably hard to see, so here’s a close-up on a few:


You can choose to follow one specific board or follow every board by a particular user.

Once you’re following a few boards, pins from those boards will automatically show up on your Pinterest page for you to browse. If you want, you can choose to re-pin them onto one of your boards, “like” them, and comment on them.

Scrapbooking Pinboards

I happen to think that Pinterest is one of the best things to happen to digi scrapbooking since drop-shadow styles. Why? Because now I can locate all of my “favourite” pages onto a pin board! I love the inspiration in the galleries and in the past, I would “favourite” pages in the gallery where I saw the page. The trouble was that when I wanted to view it again, I had to think pretty hard to try to remember which gallery I saw it in.

Enter Pinterest. Here are some of my recent favourite pages that I’ve pinned:


Each one is linked back to their original gallery post so I can find it again and check out the page credits.  Now I have hundreds of pages by various scrappers using many different designer products all located in one handy spot.

You can easily pin layouts you like, too! Here’s how:

1. Find a layout you love. I love the title on this page by our very own Trina. I also have a very similar photo of one of my own kids so I know this is a page I will want to refer back to.


2. Copy the URL of the image.

3. Open another browser window/tab with Pinterest. Hit the “+” sign at the top right of the screen. It looks like this:


When you do that, a dialog box will appear:


Select “Add a Pin”

4. Paste the URL, select the image, select a pin board and add in some information. I add the name of the scrapper to pinned pages.


Once you hit, “Pin It”, you’re done. The page is now pinned to your scrapbooking pinboard.

A recent development has been “pin me” buttons in galleries. In galleries with this feature, all you need to do is hit the “pin me” button on a favourite page and it will automatically connect with your Pinterest account (assuming you’re logged in) and take your through the pin posting steps.

Scrap Pin Boards

There are so many awesome scrapbooking boards to follow. Here are just a few:

Many scrapbooking stores are on Pinterest now. If you check your favourite store’s site, you may find a link to their Pinterest account.

You can easily find more pinboards by searching for key words like “scrapbook”, “layouts”, “digi scrap”, etc.

I hope you have fun on Pinterest!

Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to Pinterest invitation requests at this time. If you would like an invitation, try going to your favourite scrapbooking store forum and asking if one of the users there can send you an invitation. I’ve seen this work out for       many scrappers.