Scrapbooking Our Pets


Growing up I had dogs, cats, birds, fish and even a turtle. Right now I have two cats. They’re brothers that we adopted years ago when they were kittens. Since they are a big part of our family, it makes sense to scrapbook them.

Here are a few pages that I have made about my pets:



My daughter is five years old now and loves to “read” our family scrapbook. Some of her favourite pages are about our pets. She especially finds it interesting and almost unbelievable that they were a part of the family before she was!

If you are interested in scrapping about your pets, I put together a list of journaling prompts to get your creativity flowing:

  • How did you adopt your pet?
  • How did you name your pet?
  • What pets did you have as a child?
  • What was your pet like as a kitten/puppy/etc.?
  • Do you have any funny training stories to tell?
  • Does your pet have any neat tricks?
  • What’s a typical day like for your pet?
  • How does your pet fit into your family?
  • Does your pet have any quirky habits?
  • Does your pet have a special toy or blanket?
  • Who takes care of your pet? What chores are required to look after it?
  • Does your pet go on vacation with you?
  • How does your pet participate in your holiday celebrations? Does your dog get a special treat at Thanksgiving? Does your cat cozy up under the Christmas tree?

Pet Supplies

There is almost no end to the digital supplies you could use for pet pages because almost any all-purpose kit in your digi stash would work. There is also a plethora of amazing pet themed kits you can consider for your pages:

Pet Shop: Playful Pups by Heather Roselli


Cat Feltys

(PS – Clever Monkey Graphics also has a Dog version of these felt element!)


Inspiration Pages

Pet pages can be sweet or funny! Take a look at these great pages. (All the pages are linked to their gallery posts with credits.)





I hope you found some inspiration to help you scrap your family pets!

Happy scrapping!