Revive Your Inbox


I pride myself on having an organized email system, but I have learned some valuable new tips and tricks in the last few weeks thanks to this free 21 day e-course from Baydin Inc. You can sign up at any time and they will start you off with day 1 and send you an email everyday for 3 weeks.

It might seem funny that you need to get more emails to learn how to manage your email better – lol! but there are tasks & guidelines to work through each day that will really help. I feel like I have a much better handle on my email now!

If you want to see a sample of one of the days (Day 3) you can read this post where you can even download some search function “cheat sheets”. It’s worth spending a few minutes each day to avoid hours of wasted time in the future. Steph and I are always working to improve our email systems because it’s such a big part of what we do. Truthfully, it’s a pretty big part of most people’s lives these days. Everyone could benefit from a little email organization.

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Keep that inbox nice and tidy!

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