Control Cord Chaos



headphones from Way Rad by Micheline Martin & Laura Banasiak. The Architect font by Heather Hess.


In this age of cordless and wireless technology, it seems like there are more cords to deal with than ever  before. I personally hate cord clutter and I at least wish there was a way to use universal cords for everything. Until that time arrives, I’m forced to find ways to tame the many cords that are a part of my tech-loving life.

If you label your cords, it will be easier to troubleshoot when you have problems, or if you simply want to move a piece of technology to another location. Martha Stewart suggests using bread bag tags to label cords.


Another way to mark cords for organization – Cable IDs


I don’t like to look at a lot of loose cords. You can keep cords tidy using pipe insulation (Martha Stewart)


With all the charging cords for iPhones and other devices, it’s easy for them to get tangled. We like these Cable Drop Clips found in many office supply stores or online.


Many of us bring headphones and charging cords along with us on a daily basis, or while traveling.  Bobino Cord Wraps are a nice way to keep everything under control.


If you’re like me, you use a power strip and also have a lot of other cords that are frequently used. This Cable Box is a handy way to disguise some of the mess of technology.


There are many knockoffs of the Pottery Barn Bedford Recharge Station available in stores like Target. I purchased a white station from Pottery Barn several years ago and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made to keep my office area organized and looking clean and pretty.


Even without purchasing any special supplies, you can make your workspace neater by simply going through your cords and tidying them up a bit. Consider trying to hide them behind a piece of furniture or under a desk. Some twist ties might just do the trick to bundle them together. Be sure the area around your cords and plugs are free of clutter and kept clean to avoid any fire hazards. Just a few easy steps will make it all feel less cluttered and that makes it easier to feel happy and creative in your workspace!

katie big