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I had so much fun sharing what I’ve learned from The Daily Digi, but I had even MORE fun reading what so many of you have learned! Each and every comment just made me so happy, I love seeing how you have been inspired! Here are a few tidbits of what our readers have learned:


From Sharon S. – The coolest thing I learned in the last year involved double page spreads. As I challenged myself to complete Project 52, which for me included an entire scrapbook album, I kept learning things that made that project easier. From one designer, I learned to flip a template horizontally and vertically to make a second page. But the biggest aha moment came when someone said to lay the two pages out in a single document. What?!? I had been struggling with two different documents, trying to get things to line up across the two pages. The whole project became infinitely easier when I was able to see the whole thing at once. lol! Seems so simple now. Anyway, here’s the first spread I did like that:


Papers and Elements: Celebrate, TDD Collab., Sketch: Scrapbook Inspiration, Font: Problem Secretary


From arimacias – I have learned to let go and have fun. some days I am just too busy to do anything other than edit a few photos or power scrap a few pages. it’s all good and it is all ok:)

meandthekidsahlinstudio_1jan12template_PSD (1)

template by sahlinstudio (freebie) kit by DDE via thedailydigi


From Julie Rae – Well, virtually everything I know about digital scrapbooking I have learned directly from TDD or indirectly from a recommended link. How’s that!?! OK I don’t know tons but I have been productive: making layouts, invitations, mini-books (hybrid), cards, templates–it’s been terrific. I have printed dozens of layouts and have several scrapbooks going simultaneously. One of the most important things I’ve learned from TDD would have to be metadata. It’s not flashy, but it is HUGE! If we do not tell our story any other way, we can through metadata. Totally awesome (I say as I stare at boxes of old photos and a thousand digital ones…yikes). Thank you TDD for being here for us everyday, we need you!



From Sarah T. – I love looking at all the different styles of scrapbooking, and getting to know the different designers and their processes for scrapping and designing. I like seeing the example pages using product from different designers. It encourages me to try new things. For instance, this year I got to know Anna Aspnes through TDD and the digishow, and I love her artsy style, but it was WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. I finally just jumped in and tried it after seeing some inspiration, and hearing that “there’s no wrong way to do this” and ‘just try it!!’
Here’s my “artsy” layout:


link to credits


From Jan in Alberta – The one thing I learned in the last year that I return to all the time is how to create a more effective title. I use the technique from Steph’s post My Favorite Title Trick for most of my layouts. One thing it has led me to do is make my title on a new blank file, essentially designing my own word art. I create a 12? long by 4? high canvas and often put each letter on its own layer. Once I’m happy with letter placement and size. I merge the layers, simply the resulting layer and then follow through with Steph’s title sticker technique. From there it’s a simple matter of dragging my title onto my layout, dropping it, resizing and positioning it where it looks best and giving it a little drop shadow to enhance the sticker effect.

I’ve learned a bunch of other things too, but this is the one that has made the biggest difference in my layouts.



From Mrs. Hobbes – Seriously, the best thing I learned in 2011 from the Daily Digi was from an old post–Fonts Don’t Float. It has seriously impacted how I work with my journaling, paint splats, brushes, masks, etc so that I experimented more with photo/paper blending, paints, brushes, etc. As someone whom brushes gave the heebie-jeebies for about three years, this is tremendous! :D Thank you so much!



From Corey -I’ve learned a lot from The Daily Digi and The Digi Show this past year. One post that really inspired me was Steph’s on Digital Scrapbooking Your Magical Memories. I have been working on a Disney album and that post really inspired me in several ways. Steph also introduced me to Aaron Morris in that post. I loved his Disney layouts and his clustering. As a result of that post, I took Aaron’s class at Big Picture on clustering and have started using clustering a lot in my layouts. And since you need to shadow all of those clusters, I enjoyed the post you did about One Layout Shadowed By Different Digi Scrappers. Thanks so much for all you do. I love this site and the show.

pixar parade 1 copy_resize

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From Michelle VO – I love the Daily Digi and almost always start my day with it. What have I learned?! I decided to go through the posts and look and I came up with a few specifics. Over the past year, I have learned so much but probably the Google Calendar post in January by Steph really impacted my life for the better. All of Katrina Kennedy’s posts are great. I can always use her tips for creating light or making better pictures. She puts the information into friendly terms that I can understand. I love the journaling posts from Katie. She has the neatest ideas for making journaling easy like the calendar as a journaling tool post. The Funtastic Fridays are great because I waste so much time shopping in relation to how much I actually spend scrapping . Friday posts also include trends and happenings like new classes or software product releases not just designer kits. I love the design posts regarding text size or design principles but honestly, it’s the well roundedness of the site that makes it so special and that it is positive and supportive of this hobby and industry. I also appreciate learning about the designers and discovering designers through the Digi Files contributor features. Thanks for a great year and keep calm and carry on ;-)



From Dawn N. – I love the digi show and I can not say enough about all I have learned in the last few months – every year I have created a book for my cheeleaders in publisher, or I have designed invitations, etc… I never realized that was a form of digital scrapbooking… now that I am listening and learning – I have discovered templates, designers, elements, clusters, and well a whole world out there to record all my memories! I love drop box (tip from the digi show) and also Unzip them all – tip from your free e-book. But mostly I love having a ‘go-to’ place each day where I learn something new, something to make my memory keeping easier & more fun.

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From Leah – I only started digital scrapbooking after listening to the Digi Show and visiting the Daily Digi for a while – you guys made it all sound like so much fun – once I decided to try it out and downloaded some free stuff, I became a member to build up my stash, and now I’m even making my own elements. Definitely addicted!


There are even more wonderful comments to read if you want to check them out. Everyone who left a comment on that post was eligible to win a gift certificate from one of our January featured designers. I used the random.org site to pick a winner. Congratulations to Dawn N.! Check your email for your gift. Smile

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