Paula Kesselring: It Gave Me The Courage


I have always been so impressed by designers that can take something from everyday life and turn it into a digital scrapbook supply. That’s what Paula Kesslering does with her designs. Her extractions are flawless and the end results are so fun! Let’s take a closer look at “Your Song” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of the products you get when you become a member during this month. You will find SIX other full products inside, a Playbook, and other bonus goodies all for only $7.50 TOTAL!

Here are some layouts created using Paula Kesselring’s contribution:

LO1Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Your Song by Paula Kesselring; Doodles by Lauren.
LO2Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Your Song by Paula Kesselring; Concert Alpha by Traci Reed; Manger by Wetfish Designs.
LO3Layout by Amelia. Supplies: Your Song by Paula Kesselring; Holiday Templates No. 002 by Simply Tiffany; Font: VT Portable Remington.
LO4Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Your Song by Paula Kesselring; Fonts: Small Typewriting Medium.


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Simply.Scraps, Font: CK Extra

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

I’m Paula, a 44 year old stay at home mom to the two most wonderful girls in the world. Isabella is 17 and she is studying in an American Boarding school in Switzerland and Gabriella is 12 and lives and studies here in Brazil with us.

I’ve been married for almost 14 years to my best friend Ricardo. We, my husband and I, never act our age! We’re both in our 40s and we’re so old. We’d rather stay home with Gabriella watching a movie than go out with friends. If we are out with our friends we’re usually ready to go home after two hours





The challenge for us on this DARE was to create a page that is centered around one of our favorite childhood toys. What is it that made it special? Who gave it to you? Was it something you were longing for, or a big surprise?

So I started to tell about my Paper Dolls. I used to play with paper dolls. I don’t see them in stores much anymore…When I was a girl, there were books and books of paper dolls. Paper dolls were awkward. I walked the paper dolls along a pretend street, took them to a pretend party, or pretended my way into school with them.

I love a realistic and touchable look on my pages so I keep working at it until it looks real and touchable, playing with the shadows.
I started scrapping in high school…but not the same paper scrapping we do today. I spent hours cutting photos, gluing stickers and memorabilia together to make my own book covers.

After paper scrapping for a few years, I discovered digi scrapping! With the paper scrap I went a little crazy and documented every moment and bought thousands of different products… But it was too time consuming and messy with girls around that I came across digi-scrapping online one day and have never turned back.

I’ve always been a creative person and worked on my own stationery business for almost 15 yrs as graphic designer before and It gave me the courage to build my own kits.

I officially started selling my designs on February 2010 when I got accepted to sell at Scrapartist. And since march, 2011 exclusively at Catscrap, a wonderful place to work, where you can find some of the best designers and friends in the digiland.

There is so much creativity out in our huge world…So many things to be inspired by…
I think inspiration can be found everywhere… My family, the tv, the web, blogs, magazines, nature, fashion…

Computer: I design on a PC with 4GB Ram. a 24? monitor. I have 4 external hard drives(1TB/each) , too. One stays plugged 24 hours and houses my scrapping and designing stuff. The other ones are for back up only.

Program: I design primarily with Photoshop CS5. Every good illustrator knows the advantage of using a Wacom tablet with Adobe Illustrator but I’m still learning to use my Wacon Tablet!!! LOL I use my HP Scan to scan old photos, doodles, things to extract, etc.

Camera: I have 3 cameras… I’m learning about using my Nikon D5000 so I use more my new Cyber-shot Digital Camera TX55 , it’s the thinnest Cyber-shot camera ever made so I can take it anywhere!

Anything Else: I really want the Wacom Cintiq 21UX. You draw right ON the screen! But I think that I can never save enough money to buy it…LOL

I love more realistic looking pages .For me the most important technique you can use to make your pages look real is the subtle use of shadowing. Drop shadows have the ability to make a layout look realistic or they can look fake. The best way to learn about creating shadows is to see how things really are shadowed, paying attention to real world illumination conditions. You will see that they are rarely black, so instead of choosing the black go with the eyedropper on the image and select a darker, grayed version of the color of the SURFACE the shadow falls on. Does that make sense?

If I had to pick a favorite it would be “Old Woody Alpha”, because it looks so real that I want to touch it! I love the pastel colors contrasting with the old wood color.

My Old Metal Alpha #1 is my best sold product! I think the combination of the deep, dark brushed metal colors together with bright colors create an interesting a cool old grunge product that everybody loves.

Here are some of my favorite products by Paula Kesselring:







Here are some more inspirational layouts using Paula Kesselring’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.





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