Feature Images Contest

image We are in need of new graphics for our contributor feature posts!! We decided it would be fun to have a contest! We will chose one winner based on the designs we want to use for the site. The winner will receive an annual membership to The Digi Game as well as $150 PayPal cash. All entries are due by midnight ET February 3, 2012 February 17, 2012 (uploading will be turned off at that time)

Here are the specifics:

Open To

Anyone except The Daily Digi team and independent contractors to The Daily Digi. Limit of one entry per person.

What You Need to Make

Here’s a list of what you need to make as well as the current images we are using.

  • A feature image for a product preview and designer photo. Here’s what we have used in the past:

image image

  • A title image for each of the following:
  • A title announcing the designers name (we have been using “In the Designer’s Studio with…” for a couple of years and are fine staying with it or changing it to something different…you choose):

  • A title announcing a layout or project by a designer:

  • A title announcing how the designer started designing:

  • A title announcing the things that inspire a designer:


  • A title announcing the designers’ toolbox:

  • A title announcing a tip by the designer:

  • A title announcing the designers’ favorite product (of their own):


  • A title announcing the designers’ most popular product:


  • A title announcing “Steph’s Product Picks”
  • A title announcing “Layouts from Digiland

There will be some additional images we will have the winner design in the same style as their title images (additional titles that will be new for the features). The winner will be required to sign a contract stating that they are the legal copyright owner of the images and that they will grant us an exclusive license to use them (you will still own the images and can do what you want when we are no longer using them as feature images).

In Your Zip Folder

  • Place all of these items into one folder and zip them up:
    • images and graphics
    • a txt file that includes your name, email address, any sites or blogs you have that we can link up to.
  • Do not use any identifiable information in your file or folder names. If there is any identifiable information in your file/folder naming structure, you will be disqualified.


Please note: you will not be able to see any files, even your own, after uploading. If you want to verify that your files are there, try uploading again and you should get a message about replacing the files, just say no, and close out. That will tell you that your files are there. You can upload via FTP here: Host: www.thedailydigi.com Username: contest Password: trytowin You might get a 500 error code with some FTP programs, that is because this folder on the server is write only, you should still be able to upload fine. If you don’t have an FTP client, I use Filezilla which is a free FTP program. You can find a video tutorial for using it here.


The winning designs will be chosen based on the images we (Katie, myself, and any other judges we ask to help). The winner will be announced on March 2, 2012 in the Funtastic Friday Post. We will start using the new images in March! We will not know who contributed the images until we decide on a winner.

A Few Tips

I always love great type design! I especially like unique fonts that not many others are using (thus one of the reason we need to redesign these graphics). I am really liking retro and vintage type posters. Please remember that the designers’ artwork we are featuring needs to be the focus. These images should add to and not detract from the digital supplies we are featuring (in both color and design).

Judging Process

Because these files will be locked and no one will have access to them (except my server guy), we will not be able to confirm receipt until after they are unlocked at the deadline. This is the only way for us to ensure that people can upload but not download and that no files are misplaced during the process. After the contest deadline, my server guy will give me access to the zipped files, I will move the files to another location for my Super Secret Super Spy to download. My Super Secret Super Spy is not in the digital industry or community in any way. She will create a spreadsheet for tracking the names on the files with the owners. She will delete the text files from the zips and send the zips to me. This will ensure each contestant’s anonymity. Once a winner is determined, I will get the contact information from my Super Secret Super Spy and notify them as well as send the legal stuff. Once the legal stuff is returned, we will payout the winnings and get ready to make the announcement!


If you have questions, please post them at the end of this post. Katie and I will try to answer as quickly as possible.