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Jacque Larsen Love Letter, Traveling Typewriter font

I’ve been short on time and inspiration lately, but I’ve been longing to scrap some memories. During times like thing, I need to remind my self that it’s OK to “Keep It Simple Silly!” (K.I.S.S.)  Some people say “Keep It Simple Stupid” but I prefer to tell myself I’m “silly” for overcomplicating things. I’m still a smart person, I just need to remember to ease up on myself a bit.

If you are finding that your digital scrapbooking process is weighing you down, consider these tips to simplify your scrapping:


camp 2011

“Life Composition” by Viva Artistry. Template by Scrapping with Liz.

We talk about templates all the time here at The Daily Digi, but they really are huge time-savers and a great way to simplify the digi scrapping process. Let someone else do the page design work for you, then you can enjoy selecting the page ingredients to complete your very own masterpiece! Believe it or not, this layout only took me about 15 minutes to complete and I didn’t have to put much mental effort into it at all since I just followed the template design.

Check out our resources for making the most of digital templates.



All I did for this layout was to enlarge a scanned copy of a postcard and add the story. I didn’t worry about a fancy page design, I just made sure the memory was documented. Everyone who looks through my scrapbook albums always comments on how much they like this page. I always get a kick out of that because it has to be one of the easiest pages I have ever made!

Helpful posts for simple page designs:


KittyDesigns_365Inspiration3-6 copy

Kitty Designs 365 Inspiration 3.  Asian Artistry by Emiko Designs.  Font is Franklin Gothic

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the task of journaling but there are so many ways to simplify this part of the scrapping process. A page without words is definitely missing something special! Here are my favorite methods for “cheating” on journaling:


I love using the mosaic maker from Big Huge Labs to create super easy layouts! There’s nothing wrong with a simple arrangement of photos printed up as a scrapbook page. Here are some links to help you make easy collages using several different programs:


DDE_Jeepers Halloween 1971

Digital Design Essentials Jeepers. Century Gothic Font.

There’s nothing easier than using a pre-designed quick page! All you have to do is plop your photo in and you’re done! You can even alter them a bit by using only a portion. I moved the frame & clusters of the layered quick page on the layout above and combined them with other papers and word art from the kit. I bet you will be surprised to discover that all the pages in my post about Super Speedy Scrapping are quick pages!

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed and/or short on time, don’t let that stop you from digi scrapping. There are so many ways to simplify the process. Just remember to K.I.S.S!

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