Over the years I’ve had several readers email me and ask what PU and CU stand for. I always answer the emails, but had never done a post on it. I’m going to change that today. Why would a regular scrapbooker like you and me want to use CU products?


PU – stands for ‘personal use’ and typically means you can’t use a product in any way commercially. That doesn’t just mean making money off the actual product, it also means using it on or by something that makes money. For example, if you use some personal use products to design a web graphics for a friends business, but they don’t pay you for it, it’s not personal use. Since the graphics will be used on a site that generates (or is trying to generate) money, it is considered commercial use.

CU – stands for ‘commercial use’ and typically means it a product can be used to create products for commercial use. Designers will often put CU4PU meaning that the product can be used to create other products for personal use. The designer cannot use a CU4PU product to create products that can be used for commercial use.

S4H – stands for scrap for hire and typically means you can use that product to scrap layouts for someone that pays you to do that. This post won’t really go into S4H.

Confusing?? It can be. The best rule of thumb is to always read the designers TOU’s, especially if you plan to do anything other than use the products on your own layouts.

Why would I want to use CU products?


Products from Close To My Heart by Zoe Pearn (no longer available), stitching is by me, kraft paper by me.

Several years ago, I started buying a few CU products to use on my layouts. It started because I wanted a specific item that I could picture in my head, but it didn’t exist. A lot of products, I could recolor and they would look fine, but one of my favorite elements; stitching, is really hard to change the hue/saturation on and not lose the details. The above layout has some zigzag stitching and kraft paper created by me using CU products. I made some kraft paper a long time ago and it has become my go-to kraft.

Since then, there are more stores and designers selling CU products. I often fall in love with the CU products just like I do the regular completed kits and collections by my favorite designers.


NO! It doesn’t mean *I* (meaning me, personally) can design! First, I don’t love it. Once in a while, I enjoy creating a few things, which I have done for exclusive gifts and collections for members. But, once I do a few things, I’m good for a long time. I would just rather scrap with my time. Making an item here or there for one of my own layouts, is something I really enjoy as part of my scrapping process.


A lot of CU products come with tutorials and instructions in them, especially if uncommon steps are needed to get the desired look.

We have a tutorial for coloring grayscale images, which is the format many CU products come in. Chelle also has lots of tutorials for using her CU products from her store. Most of Flergs CU products come with instructions, but she has a bunch of tutorials on her blog as well.


Many digital scrapbooking stores around the community sale CU products., look for a “Commercial Use” link in the store categories. Sometimes they are also listed as “designer resources or tool”.

One of my favorite places to fall in love with (and buy) CU supplies is Sugarhill Co. Sugarhill is a completely CU store and I have found their quality to be top notch! I emailed Miss Tiina, the owner over there and asked if they would like to share a coupon with our readers (I know our readers LOVE coupons)! And they were delighted to indulge us! Smile

Have you used CU products in your personal use scrapping? Tell us how in the comments! If you’ve been wanting to try adding some CU products to your layouts, now is the time! Head on over to Sugarhill and grab a couple of goodies and give it a go! You might start adding a new tool to your scrapping process as well.