The Daily Digi Year In Review (Happy Bday To Us)


On January 1, 2012, The Daily Digi celebrated our 3rd birthday.

I went to dinner Friday night with a friend and we reminisced about the day of the launch and how I had been up all night that New Year’s Eve, getting ready to go live. On one hand, it’s crazy that it’s been three years; on the other it seems like The Daily Digi has always been part of my life.

We have evolved a lot over the past three years. We have posted a lot of material, covered a lot of subjects, and heard from many of you. It’s been truly humbling and overwhelming to hear how different things on The Daily Digi have impacted our readers. It is nothing short of awesome!

Thanks so much to the thousands of you that have made The Daily Digi part of your daily life. Especially, thanks to our members that keep the daily in everyone’s digi! We are looking forward to many, many more years ahead!

P.S. Suzan was the random winner from Thursday’s feature on Digital Design Essentials. She won $10 in product from DDE! 🙂