Scrapping About the Internet

The Internet is such a big part of our daily lives now. I toured the galleries and found some great examples by scrapbookers who captured parts of their online lives.

Some Inspiration

Pinterest: Pinterest is a popular topic among scrappers! It’s a great example of something that wasn’t here just last year and now occupies a lot of our time.


Layout by Nettio. Supplies: Golden Afternoon by Shawna Clingerman and Penny Springmann, 12 Months: Alphas by Penny Springmann, Layered Up In You: Shapes by Lauren Grier, Teeny Type Alpha (retired) by Zoe Pearn, StraightLine Stitched No 1 by Anna Apnes, Font is DJB Lynnette



Layout by nanienamou. Supplies: Ma Petite Fleur Kit, Traci Reed and ScrapKitchen Designs, template: Super Seven by Cindy Schneider

Facebook: Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook has a big presence on the Internet right now.


Layout by hondachicc. Supplies: Oscraps Collab FACEBOOK We LIKE You Too



Layout by sue.falstaff. Supplies: Oscraps Designers collab kit, Facebook [we LIKE you too]

Connectivity: How you connect to the Internet is an interesting topic to capture for your kids. What is cutting edge right now, will be old news very soon.


Layout by mrshobbes. Supplies: Papers (some blended) and most elements from Take Note by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Jenn Barrette, Heavy Metal Alpha (INTERNET)by Libby Pritchett, Dirty Pockets by Creashens, Fonts: Traveling Typewriter, DJB So Much To Say

Online Friendships: As digi scrapbookers, many of us are part of online communities and have met friends through the web.


Layout by andrea4376. Supplies: Online by Captivated Visions and Jenn Barrette, Outline Alpha by Sahlin Studio


Layout by emmasmommy. Supplies: Jenn Barrette/Captivated Visions Online, Traci Reed Bad Sewing Machine Stitches: Randomly Black and White, frame Lauren Grier All I Have To Do Is Dream, Meghan Mullens Stitched Felt Alpha: Neutral, font Rough Typewriter


Favourites: We all have a favourite web site list. It is a snapshot of our interests at this point in time.


Layout by PaulaM. Supplies: Must love blogs by The Ettes and CRK


Online Love: More and more couples are meeting online. What a great story to document!


Layout by Captivated Visions. Supplies: Online by Captivated Visions and Jenn Barrette, Staples from Retail Therapy by Captivated Visions


Layout by misfitinmn. Supplies: Online by Captivated Visions & Jenn Barrette, template by Busy Bee Designs


Blogging: People with blogs spend a lot of time on them. It’s interesting to document what you blog about and why.


Layout by suladesign. Supplies: When You Need A Friend by SSD Designers, some elements from Online by Jenn Barrette & Captivated Visions, Layered Up in You Snips by Lauren Grier, Template Halfpack #24 by Cindy Schneider, Fonts: Rubia’s Tiny Print & Rubia’s Tiny Script by Darcy Baldwin


Layout by suladesign. Supplies: Lunchy Love by Libby Pritchett & Meghan Mullens, Font: DJB Color Me Chic, Scraplift of First Christmas


Here are a few ideas for web related pages:

  • Do you remember your favourite Internet sites from last year? From 5 years ago? From 10 years ago? How much have they changed over the years?
  • There are some sites that you may go to everyday. Perhaps your web-based email, Facebook, Pinterest, or CNN. Have you every documented this daily ritual?
  • Your go-to resources for cooking, research or something else?
  • Have you ever met one of your online friends in real life?
  • There are quite a few couples who first “met” online and later married. Are you one of them?
  • Describe your current computer and Internet connection. In 10 years, you’ll probably laugh about it!
  • Do you use any “net speak”? Do your kids?
  • Are you a member of a digi scrap community? How has the Net connected you to this hobby?

As for pictures, here are a few ideas:

  • If you’re scrapping about a web site, try using your PRINT SCREEN button to capture a screen shot and then pasting it as a new layer in your scrapbook page.
  • The Windows 7 “snipping tool” can be used to capture selected bits of pages.
  • Use your web cam to capture a shot of your surfing the Net and scrap with it.
  • Have somebody take a photo of you at your computer.
  • Take a photo of your current computer and desk, if you use one.
  • Use your current profile image from your favourite scrapbooking sites.

Happy scrapping!