Val C: Rock Da House


Simple, minimal, with a bold flair is how I would describe the designs of Val C. They are refreshing to look at and work with. Her word art in her kit often contains an English and French version. Val is not just a designer, but also a passionate digi scrapper and has hundreds of layouts to show for it. Let’s take a closer look at “100% Me” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


Here are some layouts created using Val C.’s contribution:

Layout by Karen. Supplies: 100% Me by Val C.; Janet Phillips template.

Layout by Heddy. Supplies: 100% Me by Val C.; Photo Blends Templates by Scrapping With Liz.

Layout by Anne. Supplies: 100% Me by Val C.; Template by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs; Font: Typewriter Scribbled.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

My name is Valerie, but most of my friends (online or IRL) and family call me Val. I am the proud mum of two, M. who is 6 since November and L. Who will turn 2 next May. Happily married to C. for the last decade or so. We moved in Iceland in September 2002, where we are still living now. Although we should have returned to France after 4 years, I‘m glad we did not, because I am loving my life here. Living in Iceland is fabulous, it is a small city (within a small country LOL) but with all that “big cities” offer in terms of recreational activities, art exhibition, restaurants, opera etc. etc.





This layout was started when I was designing my “for the record” kit. With this “book background” I knew I would make a storyboard. The funny thing is that I did it in early autumn when every one was posting “autumny layouts” I came up with an Easter one. This is just me, I am never going the same way as others do.

I think what makes this layout original, beside being a multi photo LO, is that I even photographed the “clue” written on paper. I did those photos on purpose, I knew I would use them. I would recommend everyone to keep in mind that sometime, to tell a story (with or without journaling) it is great to have some detail photos. I already did this on one layout of my daughter, using one of her drawing as background paper, and I love it too!



Oh that is a LONG story! I think I have always been a scrapper” without knowing that I was actually scrapping. I always made “card” and embellish gift box and stuff like that. When I got married I made my “invitation” card and the “thank you” cards myself. It sounded weird to a lot of my friend and family; I think none of us knew what scrapping was LOL. I got into digiscrap when my older was a bit more than 18 months, and then I got only a few months to make her first “scrap album”. (I was scrapping hard at this time, It took ages to get an LO done, and to gather kit and template.)

At some point I understood that I didn’t need template and starting making “my own layout” and right there I started to turn them into template as freebie on my blog.
Everything comes from there, for a couple of years I was a “freebie” maker, and one day, a dear friend of mine in the digiland invited me to join her in a new shop adventure. She convinced me, and well here I am!!!! I am glad she did and proud that she trusted me and my creative juice.

I am still scrapping a lot. In earlier 2011 I printed the 2010’s Album… It was 140 Layouts!! For the 2011 album I have about 60 LO, I will need a bit more, but the year is almost covered. (I mean the main events so far are covered).

Hum .. I don’t know! During the day I can have many ideas popping up in my mind… by reading the newspapers, looking at my kids, visiting different kind of blogs and … oh and yes pinterest is a HUGE inspiration income of course!

But not all arrive to my computer, and even less in my “in progress” folder.
When I get an idea, I need to write it down with a list of “elements” I imagine in this project. I may (or not) open my notebook one evening and read those notes… I pick one… and start from there.

A kit will start by a key element or pattern, and then title and colour combo will be associated… Then it can make it to my “in progress” folder, where I don’t have more than 3 products in progress.

But I also LOVE working on collaborative project, it is really stimulating me, and I am pretty proud of all my 2011 collab, and be ready girls, 2012 will rock da house!

Computer: Well I work on a laptop, a Toshiba one, on Windows 7. It has a quad Core system and a dedicated graphic card and “soon” I will upgrade my RAM (hum Santa do you hear me?) as I am at 4 Gig at the moment.

Program: I am not using many programs, mainly Adobe Creative suite, artrage and a few feeware such as a font viewer and a brush viewer (this is recent thing to me, Thanks to zigzagscrap girls, and I can tell you it changed my life!!!)

Camera: Oh there we are… Well I am a Canon Girl. For a long time, was written on my digiscrap forum profile, instead of location “rebel girl” because I was using a Canon Rebel 350. Since my Hubby (bird photo addict) upgraded his equipment I got “his” (which is mine now) Canon 450D.
My fav lens is my 50mm for all kind of photos and the 18mm for landscape and my 100mm for macro (that is a long time I haven’t take off my 50mm though).

Anything Else: Oh yes, I have a tablet: Bamboo (Wacom) and an android Phone (which I mainly use to read news and play to Angry Birds LOL, beside its phone function, of course).

I think that digi scrapping offers to each of us a wide range of creativity tools, and that we all find in digis crap something to “feed us”. I believe I am a “creative soul”; any kind of creative activities will keep me busy for a while. But when it comes to digiscrap there is another thing I really keep in mind, and it is “preserving the memory”.
I want to make Layout that people will like to look at with emotion. I want my Layout to show the moment (the story) I scrap as I see it. But photos are not always as good as I want them to be.

I am not really good at photo editing, (of course I know how to correct red eyes and some “default” manually, but light is a major problem, especially in this country). I don’t use lightroom, and to get a better photo. So in my layout I almost always play with it with the blending mode. That doesn’t mean I always blend photo into papers, but I also use it to “blend” the photo on itself (I duplicate the photo layer), and by mainly using “multiply” “screen” or “overlay” and then adjust the opacity. I think It make photos looks much better (and so my LO too). (Oops: Actually the other way of doing it, is to make perfect photos LOL)

I have been seeing so many perfect Layout those last years, which were awesome by their creative designs, good balance and/or perfect journaling to document the moment but didn’t jump to my face out from the galleries, mainly because the photo wasn’t “bright” enough, vivid, contrasted or something like that to me. I think it is a pity… Those LO could have been master pieces, and they inspired me so much.

Wow, my fav … I would go for “Fly High”. I got inspired one evening during my summer holidays, while getting my son to sleep, I actually saw the kit in my head. And after 1 month “off” design, I LOVED doing it, and was proud to get it the way I imagined it!

My most popular product… It is my “For the Record” kit. I think that is a consequence to me being true to myself, let my creativity goes her way, without trying to think or imagine. And it does matter too that this kit is an “every kind of Layout” kit, no season or special topic related, really versatile.

I love this kit, this is also one done straight after my summer holidays break.
I actually think that this break was a GREAT thing to me, to let my inner need of creating growing.

Here are some of my favorite products by Val C.:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using Val C.’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.


I have enjoyed answering all those questions, and hope that, you clever Daily digi readers like it too. I like it so much that I don’t want to say ” bye” without offering you a little something.

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