Lauren Grier: Journaling is Awesome


Lauren Grier (La) is one of the designers that, when I found out hadn’t yet contributed to The Digi Files, I wanted to die of embarrassment! I LOVE La’s kits and own many of them. I love her bright, bold colors; her hand doodled elements and papers; and the eclectic feel. Many of La’s kits have become staples in my collection. La is an artist that wears her emotions “on her kits,” if you will.  There aren’t many designers that I wonder what they were thinking or feeling when they created a collection, but often wonder that about La. Her kits come directly from her heart and it shows.  I am a true fan and beyond excited to FINALLY have La joining us in The Digi Files this month! Let’s take a closer look at “I Like You” by Lauren Grier that is included in The Digi Files this month:


Here are some layouts created using Lauren Grier’s contribution:

Layout by Karen. Supplies: I like you by Lauren Grier by Lauren Grier; Layered Up In You (template) by Lauren Grier.
Layout by Kimberly. Supplies: I like you by Lauren Grier by Lauren Grier; Staple by Crystal Wilkerson; Font: Typewriter Scribble.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: I like you by Lauren Grier by Lauren Grier; Template by Little Green Frog Designs.
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: I like you by Lauren Grier by Lauren Grier.
Layout by Tara. Supplies: I like you by Lauren Grier by Lauren Grier; 52 Templates (#30) by Simply Tiffany Studios; Font: Avenir Book.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

I always wish I could just answer these like you did in chats as a teenager. A/S/L done!.. but alas, I can not. The basics are as follows, my name is Lauren, or La– stick with La please, there aren’t too many people that I don’t cringe at for saying Lauren. I am from Rhode Island, which is probably the same size as most of your towns. I live with my kidlet (who’s turning 8 this month!), a cat (who smells), a rabbit (who also smells), and the coolest pet ever my leopard gecko named yoda. There’s a boyfriend floating around too, but he doesn’t live here so he doesn’t count for that list (he does not smell). I’m really really boring in real life. We’re obsessed with doctor who, star wars, and hello kitty (ok, I’m the only one obsessed with HK). That’s all the exciting information I have for you!





Back Story: In april of this year my body decided to go into wooah! mode. I spent a month in the hospital for what in my opinion- was the scariest blood clot in history. I was diagnosed with a fancy autoimmune disease that mucks up my blood amongst other things & was told I’d never walk the same let alone run (I love running. Even when I was still in the ER I was arguing with the overnight nurse that I WAS going to start running again asap– still not there yet :[ ) This layout was a celebration of a small victory. I kept it simple, to focus on my journaling. 185 days post medical drama, and I walked 4 miles. I love clean open simple layouts, and I love powerful journaling. The journaling can be 1 or 2 sentences and still pack a punch. That overall message can move the person viewing your page, or be therapeutic for you– Journaling is awesome.

I am one of those weirdos that never paper scrapped. I can’t cut straight and it would have been a disastrous adventure. Whenever I’m asked this question I always mumble something about saving trees too by being digi only- but the truth is I’m just not great with paper. I started designing in 2005, just for fun, tinkering around..It was only after that that I really started scrapbooking. I’m not a traditional scrapper in any sense, I don’t scrap events, or chronologically, or anything that I’m “supposed” to. Most of my scrapbooking is just because, it’s my version of having a diary or a pen pal.

A lot of my kits are pretty emotionally inspired. I’m one of those people who keeps everything bottled up and can’t express herself emotionally (so says the boyfriend anyway).. what I do do pour all that out into my work. Of course sometimes I design something just because I’m in the mood to doodle penguins, or the kiddo wants another robot kit, but there are plenty of roar I’m moody kits floating around my store too.

Computer: I have Desktop running windows with 512mb ram/40gb hd (ha!) and a windows laptop with 6gb ram/450gb hd.
Program: I use PSE 8 and Illustrator CS4 – I know, lopsided there, but illustrator was way more important to me!
Camera: I am not a photographer, and am only sporting a Canon Powershot a560. She serves me well enough.
Anything Else: I have about 5 wacom tablets in various state of decay. Ha! My favorite was a huge sized graphire, but alas it started fritzing out a few days ago.

Scrap for one else, and for goodness sake journal! Journal your little heart out. It makes it so much more fulfilling for yourself. Also, when in doubt doodle. I love doodles. Little accents on layouts, scribble behind the photos.. they’re such the perfect finishing touches.
I actually had a super tough time deciding on which kit was my favorite, so I had to ask for some help. We had it narrowed down to a few– but then I remembered where I was- mentally- when I created this kit and it pushed it to the top of the pack. This was definitely a me power, I am awesome and worth it type kit. I’d just gone through a terribly emotional few months and this was me coming out of it. Colour wise.. when I’m moody I tend to design in brighter happier colours. It’s just how I work, though I’ve been trying to balance that out lately so those close to me stop worrying when I design a happy bright pink kit. The kit just came together so beautifully, and is special to me on a personal level, I love it.

Don’t let me go is hands down one of my customers favorite kits- and is definitely one of mine. What inspired it? A boy. haha.. The boy. The colours were easy, teal is apparently my favorite colour to design with. 99% of my products contain teal, I can’t help it.. So a primarily teal kit? Love.


Here are some of my favorite products by Lauren Grier:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using Lauren Grier’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

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