It Changed My Life


Peppermint used Feedly as her pick of the week on The Digi Show a while back. It sounded like the perfect way to consume social media and blogs. Katie, Ali Edwards (who was a guest that day), many listeners, and myself jumped right on it and started using it. Anyone that has given Feedly a try says, “It’s changed my life!”

I have used a lot of different apps (plugins for my browser, readers, iPhone and iPad) but none has ever really helped me manage and get through content like Feedly does. I’ve never been able to keep up with all of the blogs I subscribe to and at many points have given up. Now, I have found myself able to easily get through the information and actually subscribe to more sites and blogs.

Why I Like Feedly

It’s visually based. I like that I can see an image and don’t have to stop and read a short summary before I decide if I want to click on it:


I can then mark a whole page read if I want:


Feedly is available for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and any browser. As long as I am logged into the same account, everything syncs across the various devices I use it on.

I can “save for later” if I come across something I want to make sure I read later.

I can share content via email or one of many social media outlets from inside the app (in a browser or on a device).

I can manage feeds (delete a feed or add a feed) from within the app. This is one I especially love.

I can view my recent history if I want to go back and look at something again later.

To get a great view of what Feedly can do, go to their site and click on “watch video” below the download button (the download button will automatically match whatever browser you are using):