Play it Again with Sisterly Love


I (Katie) am so excited to bring you another round of “Play it Again” and share with you many different ways to digi scrap the same memory. This is a great way to illustrate some of the many possibilities that exist when it comes to digital scrapbooking! Here at The Daily Digi we really want to emphasize that there is not a “right way” or a “wrong way” to put together a layout. It’s more about capturing the memory, finding your own style(s), and PLAYING! Yes, it’s ok to play and have fun!



This time, I asked a few of the best scrappers in the digi community to scrap a memory from Daily Digi team member Kimberly. The only rule they had to follow was to include her journaling and photo. Everything else (including the title) was up to them!



This summer, like every summer, I spent some time in Idaho. It’s hands down one of my favorite places in the world. It’s a place I can relax. It’s a place I feel safe. And it’s a place my children find great joy, which in turn brings me great joy.

?? This summer our trip to Idaho coincided with visits from my sister Amy, as well as my brother Brad and all their families. With eight cousins running around, it was bliss for the children; and heart-warming for us big kids watching our children form the most precious bonds they’ll ever have.

One morning on the trip we decided to load up all the kids and head to a museum in Idaho Falls. Last year, we all saw the Titanic exhibit there. This year we’d be seeing “Bodies in Motion.” As we hustled to get everyone ready, my sister asked me, “You’re not going to wash your hair, are you?” I smiled, said no and smiled to myself knowing just how well my sister knows me.

I don’t wash my hair every day. Heck, I only wash it every three days. I have crazy dry hair and over washing it just makes it worse.  Not many people know this: in fact, I can think of three who do — my husband, my best friend Jennie and my sister. When I do wash my hair, it’s a chore: it takes forever to wash, dry and straighten (possibly another reason I don’t tackle it every single day).

My sister making such an innocent, random, but knowing comment has stuck with me for months. There is such comfort in knowing there is another soul in this world who really knows me.  She knows some of my deepest (and darkest secrets). She knows what I want for my children if Mike and I were to die at the same time. She knows what type of soda to buy for me at the store.  And she knows I don’t wash my hair every day and that I did on that morning in Idaho would have never made it to the museum before noon.

Even on the days I feel most alone: I’m not. I have a band of siblings who love me, know me and make me feel like I belong. Our little tribe has sustained me through so much bad and so much good. Funny how a comment about my dry, frizzy hair is what lead me to this thought.  Who knew?

Without a doubt, I am blessed.  And for that, I am grateful.

Journaling: October 2011

Photo: Late ‘70s or maybe 1980.


I just love the folded frame that Beth used on this layout! Using 2 parts of the same photo is also a clever way to focus on different parts of the memory. It feels like I’ve stumbled onto a nostalgic moment displayed on a table and I love the feeling of that! The scatters add a nice touch of interest to the script journaling. Beautiful!


Layout by Beth aka kewl_jive. Gallery Link. Credit: Everything from Give thanks, November Collab from After Five Designers. Folded frame from Gunhild Storeide


Jamie’s clustered title work brings a wonderful focal point to the sweet photo of the two sisters. I love the colors she chose to use, they are just perfect for the picture! This layout has a nice balance to it with another piece of artwork at the bottom of the page. Perfect!


Layout by Jaime Grove. Gallery Link. Credits: Season of Thankfulness Boutique Collaborative Kit from The Digi Chick.


Tracy’s layout has a charming retro feel to it and the playful girl stamp reminds us that this memory is about a bond between sisters that began at an early age. The design features in the corners of the page frame it nicely and keep us reigned in to focus on the story and photo. Adorable layout!


Layout by Tracy Ducar (aka Tracyfish). Gallery Link. Credits: Natural Beauty by Krystal Hartley, Love Me Some Andrea 1 alpha by Darcy Baldwin, DJB Emilie Script font by Darcy Baldwin, all available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Courier New font.


I like to play along also and I thought it would be fun to use some clean and modern looking supplies with this vintage type of photo. I used a warm photo action from Pioneer Woman to make the picture look more it’s age and then combined it with some fun graphic style designs to add a touch of quirkiness to the page. I love the simple lines and the focus on the story.

web playitagain

Layout by Katie. Gallery Link. Credits: Epic Collab by Biograffit, Paislee Press, and One Little Bird at O Scraps. Template by Ali Edwards. Font is Traveling Typewriter.

I love each and every one of these layouts! Thanks so much to the talented digi scrappers who helped us see all the different ways to PLAY!

Look through each layout again and think about which one you prefer. Think about why that one stands out to you and what you like about it. It’s a great exercise to help you learn about yourself as a scrapper and your own preferred style. It also might help you explore some new styles that you haven’t tried before.  Its perfectly OK to use several different styles and methods in your own scrapbooking – I do it all the time!  When you get ready to work on your next layout, take some time to think about all the ways you could play with that memory and have some fun!



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