Gather Memories


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As we head into a very busy time of year for memory keepers (holidays, family gatherings, parties, and more), it’s a good time to make a game plan for how you are going to gather up the memories you want to document. Life moves pretty fast in general these days, and it seems to kick into hyper-drive during the holiday season. It’s important to take a little time to plan and prepare so you don’t miss out on the fun memories.

Gather “THE GOODS”

We are lucky to have a lot of technology and memory keeping options available to us, now’s a great time to make sure everything is in working order and ready to use.

  • Locate your camera(s) and make sure the batteries are charged. If you have extra batteries on hand, put them in your camera bag, purse, or tote bag to keep them handy. Consider storing your camera bag next to your keys and purse (or whatever you take with you whenever you leave the house) so you don’t forget them.
  • If you have a camera on your phone, check out some apps to help you take great pictures. Remember, the best camera is the one that’s with you! Review this post on scrapping with phone photos and check out the picks of the week from The Digi Show episodes for some great suggestions.
  • For those who are traveling, round up your power and sync cords for laptops, cameras, phones, etc. so you will be able to have functioning technology on the road. It’s so nice to be portable!
  • Pick up some extra cds/dvds or flash drives to make sharing photos with friends and family easier at gatherings.


Document As You Go

Don’t count on memory alone during this time, you might think you will remember everything once it’s time to sit down and scrapbook the events of the season, but it’s hard to keep it all straight. Use the tools around you to record memories as they happen.

  • Carry a small notebook, or use an app or notepad feature on a smartphone to jot down notes about holiday activities.
  • Interview your friends and family using a smartphone voice recorder, a tape recorder, or a Skype session. You can transcribe the notes later on and you’ll have a wonderful audio recording of their voices. This is a great time of year to gather journaling!
  • Take pictures of signs and informational materials that will help you with journaling later on. One of my favorite tricks is to photograph my journaling.


Be Nice To Yourself

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we have to do it all, believe me, I know that feeling! The holiday season often means that we’ve added a lot of extra activities and chores on top of our normal routine. For some, it’s a time where they miss lost loved ones. It can be a stressful time even in the best of circumstances. It’s wise to realize that there won’t be time and energy for everything.

  • Forgive yourself if digi scrapping won’t fit in the holiday schedule. It’s a great time to be taking pictures and making memories. Use this post as a reminder to focus on the parts of memory keeping that will fit in your life during this busy time.
  • Let go of some expectations. Maybe you won’t make handmade gifts? Perhaps you’ll order take-out instead of cooking sometimes? Maybe you won’t go to all the parties you’re invited to? Take some time to discuss the holiday priorities with your friends and family and make adjustments where needed. Consider asking each person to list the one thing that is really important for them to do during the holidays and make sure those are the activities that don’t get missed. The rest are usually optional.
  • Pat yourself on the back for making and keeping memories during this time. You are giving yourself and others in your life a wonderful gift by sharing your pictures through creating scrapbook pages. You rock!


If you have any tips that help you gather memories during the busy season, please do share them in the comments. And remember, that we will be here each day with do-able and fun ideas to help you scrap your precious memories!

katie big