Scrapping Thanks & Thanksgiving


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When I (Katie) told the team here at The Daily Digi that I was going to do a post on scrapping thanks & Thanksgiving, Anne said “We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here in Norway, but I love the idea of a day to give thanks!! Look forward to see the pages and ideas you all have and would love to do something similar with my family. Although we don’t share the historic reason for the holiday, there are still plenty of things to be grateful for none the less.“ I’m so glad for Anne’s perspective on this topic because that is exactly what I want to share here – by scrapping the things you are grateful for, your gratitude will grow. As the holiday season approaches, this is a time of year when many digi scrappers like to take time to reflect on the blessings in their everyday lives.


Make a list of what you are grateful for and turn it into a scrapbook page


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Document Your Family Gathering


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Heddy said “ In Canada, we’ve already celebrated our Thanksgiving.” Here are some fun ideas for capturing Thanksgiving:

  • If you have little ones in school, make sure to take a picture of their Thanksgiving crafts.
  • Take a picture of a meal, served and describe each item. Bonus points for sharing recipes!
  • Take a picture of each person at the table or a group shot. In the past, I’ve used a camera set up on a tripod to capture everyone at the table together.



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Capture the Food

When we gather together to express our thanks, our tables are usually filled with many special recipes and traditions. Don’t forget to take pictures of the feast!


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Second Helpings

Here are some more resources to help you scrap your thanks and Thanksgiving

Now I’m ready to give thanks!

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