A Season of Gifts


How can gift-giving be made more fun, less stressful and maybe a little bit less expensive?

Simplify What To Get

Knowing what to buy is a key part of gift-giving, clearly. I love getting lists from my husband and kids! If I stick to the list, it is guaranteed that the gifts will be enjoyed by the recipient. (I, of course, frequently stray from the list to surprise them with something that I think they’ll love.)

I asked around and found out that many families simplify gift-giving by limiting what they can buy and how much they can spend. Here were some ideas:

  • Draw names and then each person only has one other person to buy for.
  • Share only homemade gifts (if your family is crafty).
  • A funny gag gift theme would be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Rather than “things”, give “experiences”. Did you know you can buy memberships to your local museums? Other ideas are movie tickets, concert tickets, and gifts for classes at your local community centre or community college.
  • Homemade baked goods are a popular and well-received gift.
  • An all book gift theme would make me very happy!

When stumped, it’s always easy to get a gift card. You can get mall gift cards that are good at the majority of the shopping centre so your recipient can enjoy any number of items.

Simplify How You Get It

Like many people, I do not like going to shopping malls in December. To make my holidays go more smoothly, I do the majority of my gift shopping online. Toy shopping is a breeze online – and many toy stores have free shipping for the holidays.

The part I like best about online shopping for gifts is that it keeps me on budget. It’s easy to check my balance online – certainly easier than rifling through receipts at the mall and trying to calculate how much I have already spent.

If you’re like me and you have relatives in other cities, you can even send the gifts directly to the recipient. For a small fee, some companies will even wrap the gift for you.

Simplify How You Wrap It

I am all thumbs when it comes to wrapping presents. I just cannot get the tape on the wrapping paper without weird creases and nothing can be done to salvage ribbon after I’ve attempted to make a bow with it. It’s sad, really. So, gift bags are my holiday friends! After many years of doing this, I have an impressive collection of gift bags that I reuse often. Better for the environment and the bank balance!

To make putting together gifts more enjoyable, I don’t wrap each gift as I buy them. I wait until I’m done the majority of my shopping, then I pop in a holiday movie (I like Elf) or some holiday music and start wrapping and bagging gifts. It turns a dreaded chore into a fun couple of hours.


I checked out The Daily Digi and found some gift-giving related articles you might want to check out:

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  • You can find some amazing and unique gifts on Etsy. Shop early to ensure pre-Christmas delivery – especially for international shipping.

I hope you have a fun time gift-giving this year!