Passionate About Memories


Over the years, there is something I have discovered about myself through my scrapbooking journey.  What I’ve discovered is that I am passionate about memory keeping. I am passionate about documenting the things I want to remember. It doesn’t matter if those memories are documented on my blog, through photos, in a magnetic album, paper album, digital layouts, or video as long as they are recorded.

I am equally passionate about MAKING MEMORIES with the ones I love. I try hard to live by the moto of giving my kids experiences instead of stuff. Quite often though, I have a difficult time coming up with ideas of fun things to do that are inexpensive.


Many of you know and love Janet Phillips who actually started The Daily Digi with me. I have always admired Janet’s creativity with the fun things she does with her family. I was super excited to learn several months ago that Janet was working on an ebook with fun family activity ideas.  As I read through the book, my mind was swarming and I was so excited to have some new things to do with my kids. I was also super excited about the photo ops these activities would provide, the memories they would make, and the new layouts I would be able to scrap! She has a free chapter you can download with a fun activity idea that I can’t wait to try this month with my family. It is filled with FIFTY super fun and affordable ideas, things I never would have thought of on my own. It’s priced at a super low $5.99 (that’s 11 cents per idea).  Janet’s book is available as a downloadable PDF, as well as Kindle or Nook versions.

P.S. This ebook is great for anyone with little people in their lives: grandparents, aunts/uncles, teachers, etc.