Inspired by Lisa Sisneros

The following layouts were created using Technicolor Daydream by Lisa Sisneros and included in The Digi Files during October, 2011:

by Bethie

Layout by Bethie

by Claire

Layout by Claire

by Elaine

Layout by Elaine

by Fe Alves

Layout by Fe Alves

by Jenn

Layout by Jenn

by Juli

Layout by Juli

by Tanja

Layout by Tanja

by Valeria Piemonte

Layout by Valeria Piemonte
Layout by Karen. Supplies: Technicolor Daydream by Lisa Sisneros; Photo Masks by Anna Aspnes.
Layout by Miss Kim. Supplies: Technicolor Daydream by Lisa Sisneros; Template by Gina Miller; Font: Avenir.
Layout by Kimberly. Supplies: Technicolor Daydream by Lisa Sisneros; Blocked Template by PxlCafe; Fonts: Typewriter Scribbles, CK Ali, Impact.
Layout by Katie. Supplies: Technicolor Daydream by Lisa Sisneros; Fonts: The Architect, Clementine Sketch.


Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: Template: Scrapping with Liz, Photo Overlay: Persnickety Prints, Stitches: Anna Aspenes, Font: Pea Amy G

Using the Sketch Effect on a Layout

Today, I am pleased to have a post written by our very own Heddy. She is a super talented scrapper and trend watcher as well. She posted in our team forum about a trend she has noticed lately in digital scrapbooking and I thought it would be fun for her to share it with our readers as well…


Have you noticed that there are more and more photo sketches on layouts in the digi galleries? Digital sketches add such a dynamic, creative, and personal element to each page. Here are some amazing examples:

Layout by sorashell. Credits: Hashed Arrows by Amy Martin, Soft & Subtle 5 – Paper Pack by Karah Fredricks, Finishing Touches 6 (brush pack) by Karah Fredricks, Hodgity Podgity Templates v9 by Amy Martin,  Anne De Jong Paper strips, photo corner brush by Jen Wilson, Painted Acrylic Letters by Kim Christensen

Layout by stampin_rachel. Credits: Ransom by Vicki Stegall Designs

Layout by sorashell. Credits: Templates – A Midwinter’s Flight by Amy Martin, Edged – Border Punches by Amy Martin, Grungy Brush (Karah Fredricks Summer Stories Lily Pad Collab), background Kate Hadfield (Red White & Bllue kit), Possibility Journal by CD Muckosky, Lil’ Puffies; Arrows by CD Muckosky, paper strips by Anne De Jong

Layout by Pink Reptile Designs

There are several tutorials on how to get this effect, either manually or using actions and/or Photoshop plug-ins:

I googled sketch actions and came up with a free one from MCP Actions. I followed the directions for the action and Kami’s tips for moving the sketch onto a layout (hint – do not check the contiguous box in for the magic wand tool!).

I was able to put together a couple of pages quickly and painlessly!  Here are my results:



Adding sketches to pages is actually really enjoyable! Plus, it’s always fun to stretch a bit and learn skills. Happy scrapping!


Photographic Memory



When we document our memories, we often look to photographs to remind us of the details we want to share. Usually, there is an obvious scene or story in a photograph like the one pictured here. This was my (Katie’s)  16th birthday and I was trying to stop my almost 4 year old brother from blowing out my candles. That is the memory I journaled about when I digi scrapped this page and I will always cherish that thought. Just because that photo has been scrapped and I told that story doesn’t mean that this picture can’t give me any more information. Most photos have more than 1 story to tell and can bring up many forgotten experiences. I like to call this “photographic memory” because the photo itself can jog your memory.

If I take another look at  this picture, I discover a few interesting memory joggers; my brother’s sweatshirt, my bow tie scarf, the cake, the brick bench,  the wood paneling, and the wallpaper.

  • The Mickey Mouse sweatshirt was from a vacation my family took to Disneyland the previous summer. It’s notable to remember that since I only went to Disneyland twice with my brother. It also reminds me that I had a matching Mickey sweatshirt that I later had to give away. I had a major leg surgery later that year and after that, the sweatshirt suddenly smelled like anesthesia to me, even though I had not taken it to the hospital with me. I couldn’t stand it after that experience and gave it away. I’m not sure if I have a picture of my own sweatshirt, so this was a great reminder of this memory for me.\
  • How about that jazzy bow-tie scarf? That was definitely an early eighties trend and I felt very fashionable in my gray sweater, pink oxford button down, and print scarf. Preppy handbook anyone?
  • The cake is a poppyseed Bundt cake with powdered sugar on top. It was always my very favorite cake that my Mom made. It’s a very simple recipe that uses a cake mix, so I’m sure she was pretty happy that I chose that for my special birthday cake. This recipe is similar to this one, but my Mom would coat the pan with shortening and cinnamon-sugar and then add the mix. So yummy! I haven’t thought about that cake in years, but looking at this picture makes me want to dig out my Bundt pan and make one!
  • The brick bench came with our house and we kept it around for at least a decade before my parents tackled a major remodeling and add-on project. I think it opened up for storage, but I don’t remember that we kept anything in there? It was kind of unfinished inside the bench. I do remember that my Mom always had cute cushions and pillows on that bench. I don’t remember ever sitting on it though. Interesting to remember that.
  • Our house was also filled with that dark wood paneling. My mom painted over it in some of the rooms, but I think she kept it the original color in this room for as long as it was on the walls? Not sure – makes me realize that it would be worth discussing the timeline of the house renovations.
  • About the wallpaper, every wall in our house had it. My mom was really into wallpaper and I still tease her about some of the wild patterns we had on our walls. The backdrops of my childhood memories definitely were well decorated!

Can you believe all of that came from the background details of this ONE photo? I know you will find that many pictures are holding many memories just waiting to be rediscovered. I encourage you to look through your photos with a new appreciation for what might not be obvious at first glance. Using your own photographic memory will help you tell the meaningful stories of your life.

katie big

Wild Blueberry Ink: Tell It Through My Designs


I am privileged to be welcoming Wild Blueberry Ink to The Digi Files this month! As I have been able to work with and become acquainted with the designer behind the brand, I have really enjoyed seeing how her heart comes through her work! It does seem that each collection has a story to tell and a bit of Wild Blueberry Ink heart inside. Let’s take a closer look at “Innocence” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


Here are some layouts created using Wild Blueberry Ink’s contribution:

Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink; Head Start Vol. 2 Template by Litabells Designs; Font: DJB Mrs. Webster by Darcy Baldwin.


Layout by Karen. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink.


Layout by Jackie. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink.


Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink; Tracers (alpha) by Lauren Reid; Font: Arsenal White.


Layout by Miss Kim. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink; Font: Elliephont by Darcy Baldwin.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
When I left my job 2 years ago I was the Creative Director for the largest newspaper in NC but I found myself missing something. That’s when Aubrey Rose came into our lives and I decided to become a SAHM.

The 10+ years I spent in corporate America didn’t come close to preparing me for this new job I had decided to take on.

Now I spend my days watching Bubble Guppies and preparing my very independent 2 year old for preschool. I have learned to laugh at myself, I have learned patience and I have learned the meaning of unconditional love.

I spend my nights balancing my design with a very lonely husband and 4 even lonelier fur babies. Thankfully for me all 5 of them are very understanding.





Love You Always

Infinity by Wild Blueberry Ink

I stumbled upon the world of digital scrapbooking in 2008 when I was searching for a gift for my husband’s 30th birthday. I came across some photobooks on Shutterfly and decided that I wanted to recreate one titled “30 Sentiments From 30 People On Your 30th Birthday.” The credits listed various scrapbook sites so I checked those sites out. I spent hours looking through the galleries amazed at the layouts. I was working as a graphic designer so there was no learning time for me and I was able to jump right into the hobby. I was also 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time and immediately moved from the birthday book to documenting EVERYTHING about our new baby. I have been addicted ever since.

The following May I made the decision to leave work to become a stay at home mommy but soon realized that I really missed designing and working. It was about that time that Little Dreamer Designs started their apprentice contest. I entered the contest with no expectations of ever being accepted. About a week later Michelle notified me that I had been accepted and within 2 months I was one of the winners with my very own shop at Little Dreamer.

All of my inspiration comes from my everyday life. I will read a book to my daughter and something will spark, I will pass by a cute shirt and the colors will stick in my mind or I will hear a story and feel the need to tell it through my designs.

I seriously could not survive with the following: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet, Nikon D70, Tamron Lens 18-200mm, Nikon Lens f3.5-5.6 and the 50mm f/1.4

I am also a huge fan of TotallyRad Actions, Pioneer Woman and the amazing 4 Hens. I have an 21 Inch iMac that is about 3 years old that I do 80% of my work on. Just recently I purchased a 15 Inch Powerbook.

Be true to your style! At the end of the day you are spending this time to record your family’s memories so don’t get sidetracked by the gorgeous layouts in galleries that are attracting all the comments. Find what works for you and your storytelling style and stick with it. It may take a while to develop that style but once you do you will see how much easier it is to scrap from the heart.

My Hope Kit is my favorite product. I designed it to honor my Grandmother who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.
Here are some of my favorite products by Wild Blueberry Ink:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Wild Blueberry Ink’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.
Go have a look in Wild Blueberry Ink’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

For the month of October, Wild Blueberry Ink will have a 20% off EVERYTHING sale in honor of her birthday!

Inspired by Wild Blueberry Ink

The following layouts were created using “Innocence” by Wild Blueberry Ink and included in The Digi Files during October, 2011:


Layout by Katell
Layout by Gwadatiti
Layout by Katell
Layout by KHenrie
Layout by Suzanne
Layout by SharonS
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink; Head Start Vol. 2 Template by Litabells Designs; Font: DJB Mrs. Webster by Darcy Baldwin.
Layout by Karen. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink.
Layout by Jackie. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink.
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink; Tracers (alpha) by Lauren Reid; Font: Arsenal White.
Layout by Miss Kim. Supplies: Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink; Font: Elliephont by Darcy Baldwin.

I’m Drowning in Email and I Can’t Get Out


I know most of you can probably relate to the title of today’s post. I remember reading Katie’s post on managing email and feeling like I had a rock in my stomach. I was failing at managing my email and failing miserably! I got up the courage and sent her an email that went something like this:

How do suggest someone that gets 200-300 emails per day stay on top of it? This is not including any newlsetters, store notices, or anything else like that. It is mostly email that I need to respond to.

Katie’s response went something like this:

It’s not humanly possible. You can’t do it.

After a good laugh, we started setting up different methods for our communication between each other (Basecamp). We talked about hiring someone to take care of customer service, but honestly, customer service emails are pretty minimal and really enjoy the interaction with our customers, so I’m not ready to offload it.

The best thing I did though, was learn a new way of handling my email. I used to get email, open it, read it, then mark it unread so I could come back to it later. That is exactly how emails were piling up on me and getting lost. Many times, the emails didn’t necessarily NEED a response, but I wanted to send one…later…when I had more time.

I decided I needed to change this and if I opened it; I needed to take care of it then or leave it marked as opened. The problem with that was sometimes I can’t respond right away. Sometimes, the email will need action in a couple of days…but then a couple of days would come and I would forget and the email would get lost…again.

My other problem was with the emails that need to go out at certain points during the month. For instance, at the beginning of each month, I send an email welcoming the designers that will be in The Digi Files in two months. This email reminds them of their commitment and everything we need from them by the end of the the month. A few days later, I send out an email to the designers that will be joining us during the next calendar month to let them know the feature schedule and that we have all of the goodies they uploaded.  These are just a couple examples of the regular emails I send each month.  The problem was that often, when I was at my computer, I would think of it, but it was too soon to send the email. Then when the time came for the email to go out, I would always remember when I was driving…or in the shower…not good times for emailing.


I decided there had to be a solution, so my friend Google and I got busy. Enter Boomerang for Gmail.  With Boomerang I can:

  • Send an email later – I can write it whenever I think about it and then schedule it to be sent later.
  • Schedule reminders – I can open an email, schedule Boomerang to remind me about it later (any day and time I want), and Boomerang will take the email out of my inbox until that day and time. On the day and time I determined, that email pops back in at the top of my inbox.
  • Remind me if I don’t hear back –  I can schedule Boomerang to only bring the email to the top of my inbox if I don’t hear anything back. This is super helpful with customer service.

Here’s a YouTube video demo:

You get 10 free messages a month and then it $4.99/month for unlimited messages after that (yes, I am a paying Boomerang customer). There is a higher level as well, but the only difference I could see was smartphone use.

This little plugin has really helped me keep my inbox clean. It’s also helped me do a much better job following up with customers on things they might need or to check in with them if they had a problem.

Let’s face it, we are all overwhelmed with email these days and every little tool that can help us manage it is a good thing to know about!  Do you have any tips or tools on managing emails? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

Announcing The Digi Files #34


What a talented group of designers we have for you this month! I am so excited for our members to start downloading and scrapping with all of the goodies that are included in The Digi Files #34! This group includes some old favorites as well as some new-to-me (and maybe you) designers. I’m thrilled to present to you, the designers of The Digi Files #34:

Wild Blueberry Ink
Lisa Sisneros
Simply Tiffany (templates)
Zoe Pearn
Girl Boy Girl
Secret Stash
Sugarplum Paperie

As a member of The Digi Game, you get:

  • Try new-to-you designers with a very low risk.
  • Stock up on high quality products at an extremely low price.
  • Get layout ideas for the products included (in the Playbook).
  • Learn the latest digital scrapbooking techniques in the Playbook.
  • Products are automatically added to your account each month, no checkout or PayPal login required.

Here’s what our members are saying:

“The annual subscription is so worth it. I find myself coming back to TDF kits constantly through out the month. There is such variety and the playbook is awesome! Love the little videos at the end of it. Great job, Steph, Katie and everyone else too!” – Kathy28″

“This is my first month signed up for the Digi Game and I Loved it! I really am impressed with the quality and quantity of products for such a low price. Not only did I learn some great new techniques (I’m still fairly new to digital scrapping so I still need lots of help) but my stash got a healthy boost as well. My favorite kit this month was ‘Micheline Martin: Fresh Eyes’. I’m a four eyes myself so I love how the kit makes wearing glasses pretty.” – Megan

“I think my favorite part is “meeting” new designers, seeing what other styles are out there that I just haven’t seen yet… I love that the digi files selects such different products each month, definitely a way to expand your comfort zone!” – Stacia

“Another fantastic month and my 12th month of The Digi Game! I signed up for the subscription a year ago and wondered just a second if I’d regret investing $80 bucks like that. In the digi world, $80 is alot of shopping. Well, I never regretted it at all. In fact, I was worried about my subscription renewing without a hitch because it is the absolute best deal in digiland.” – Michelle VO

Here are the random winners chosen from the comments from yesterday’s post:

Mary Kate

Each of these readers won $10 in product from one of September’s contributors!