Journaling from blog posts, emails, & status updates


Are you always searching for ways to make journaling easier? Chances are, you are already writing down many details that can easily be copied and pasted right onto a digital scrapbook page! I (Katie) love using words I’ve already written when it comes time to add details to a layout. You might be surprised at how many ways there are to “harvest” the journaling you’ve already done and turn it into a wonderful keepsake! Here are 3 great resources to use:

A Blog

Do you keep a blog? Even if you have only posted a few times, there’s probably something there you can use for a scrapbook page or two.  Even infrequent bloggers will find that they can use previously written entries as journaling. I’ve been keeping a personal blog for more than 6 years now so I have a huge resource of entries to pull from. Surprisingly, I don’t always think to go back through past posts when I’m looking for scrapbooking ideas. I love the pages I’ve created directly from blog posts though, so I’m setting a goal to improve in this area myself.

Here’s a page where I took the journaling from a blog post and copied it word for word on the layout. Thank you ctrl+c and ctrl+v – love those shortcuts!


Layout by Katie. Silly Socks on Flickr


Daily Digi team member Tara likes to use the same trick. She created this page using the words she had written in a previous blog post.


dandelion moments by TaraMcK, on Flickr


What if you don’t have a blog? You might want to consider starting one, it really isn’t difficult and you will be so glad to have the record it creates. Check out this post for advice on blogging.  Even if you are not a blogger, perhaps someone else in your circle of family and friends does blog. I often find great journaling on my Mom’s personal blog and I regularly save her entries to use bits of her writing on my own pages. Most friends and family members would probably be honored to know you care so much about what they write. If you aren’t sure how they would feel about you copying and pasting their words for your own personal use, it’s a good idea to double check with them.



Emails are a great resource for journaling material, and don’t forget about the emails you’ve written. I like to look through my folder of SENT emails from time to time to find my own recounts of events and ideas to use on digi pages. I also have a folder set up in my email system called “Keepsakes” where I file messages from others that I want to keep and/or document in some way.  If you aren’t interested in keeping a blog, you may want to consider sending some occasional email updates to people you care about and saving a copy for your own use. Here are some helpful links for effectively using email as a good source for journaling:

Even a simple email message can inspire a fun layout! Email is a part of our everyday life, so don’t forget to use it as a way to record your memories.



Social Media Updates

Social media updates on services like facebook and twitter are sometimes referred to as microblogging. By adding small bits of information to these streams, you are really journaling your life in very small segments. I’ve been on facebook for 2.5 years and when I look back at my status updates, I can see that I have an abundance of material to use for memory keeping. Here are just a few of some small moments I’ve shared on facebook that I will eventually use as scrapbook journaling:

  • went out for pie with my family. Today is 3.14 – get it? 🙂 March 14, 2009 at 3:54pm
  • We called an April Fool’s Day “truce” in our house this year. My son has been stressed for days that everyone is going to pull pranks on him so we promised him our home would be a safe and fool-free zone! March 31, 2009 at 9:06pm
  • Went to the store today. Bought silly string, gummy worms, licorice, barbecue potato chips, orange juice, soap, and a Venus Flytrap plant. All the essentials. We should be nice and stocked up now. 😉 June 22, 2009 at 5:15pm
  • Alex just finished homeschool for the day (he had a lot of work!) and he said “finally, I get a break!” Then he went and got his book about the Aztecs and sat down to read it. Love that kid. 🙂December 11, 2009 at 4:22pm
  • Took the kids to the orthodontist today. At one point Alex yelled out “Holy Cow! What are you doing to me?!” Everyone in the office heard it. I’m sure it helped all the people in the waiting room feel excited for their turn in the chair. LOL! January 26, 2010 at 11:07am

Besides using my own status updates as a resource, I also plan to use some of the comments that my friends left in response to what I shared, that’s what makes facebook such a fabulous resource!  I’ve seen many great layouts in the galleries with snippets from social media for the journaling.  I love this page filled with cute quotes from a silly little lady.



Next time you’re searching for something to write about, try searching your blog, email account, or social media streams. Chances are, you’ve already written something that will be perfect for your next digi page!


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