Digi Scrapping Monochromatic Layouts


Color is something that always inspires me (Katie), and I love to play around with different ways to use color on my digital scrapbook pages. Color can be a tool for design, communication, expressing emotion, and a great way to have fun while scrapping!. If you really want to understand color better, try using it in monochromatic form – just one color at a time. While color can be applied in any manner you desire, it’s helpful to know about some of the psychology and meanings behind each color and where you might want to use them.


Black: Formal, dressy, bold, neutral, elegant, dark, mysterious, powerful, and classic. Black goes with everything (that’s why we love the little black dress so much!) A great choice for contrast and drama.

KittyDesigns-BunchofSketchesLego copy

Layout by Katie. Template by Kitty Designs (Bunch of Sketches), Misty Mareda Zoie, Tahoma font


Brown: Natural, warm, cozy, earthy, neutral, and woodsy. Brown is found abundantly in nature (dirt, trees, animals, wood) and is a comfortable and easy color to use. Available in many shades, brown is a nice neutral backdrop.

Layout by Shanmomto2. Supplies: Kit: A Life Expressed {Simply} by SuzyQ Scraps


Orange: Vibrant, bright, warm, fiery, hot, energetic, and attention-grabbing. Orange is associated with hunger, playfulness, and warmth. If you are looking for something eye-catching, orange is a great choice!

sgleason_daffodil_three orange copy

Layout by Katie. Template by Sara Gleason – Daffodil 3 (modified), Edged Out Border by Tracie Stroud, Papers by Kaye Winiecki (say cheese), Dani Mogstad (birds of a feather), Joyce Paul (lemonade stand), Karen Lewis (all about me – digichick collab), Misty Mareda (Organic MScraps collab), iScrap (Organic MScraps collab), Jennifer Labre (color me happy). Century Gothic font.


Red: Passionate, bold, love, danger, heat, and power. Red is an intense color by nature, and is visually stimulating and exciting. Red is often present in bold color schemes and in important symbolic items such as flags, hearts, and holiday decorations.

simplytiffanystudios_simplesnapshots_004 by TaraMcK, on Flickr


Purple: Royal, rich, deep, luxurious, and rare. Purple was once reserved for only the nobles because of how difficult and expensive it was to produce. Purple can be feminine and pretty, as well as bold and dynamic (think of sports team colors).

Layout by Katie. Purple Phase by Vinnie Pearce, Template by Hillary Heidelberg, Suzy’s hand font


Blue: Moody, serene, cool, soft, deep, watery, peaceful, clean, and calm. Blue is naturally found in the sky and seas. Blue is a natural compliment to more vibrant colors and often used in masculine color schemes.

Layout by Jenn Lindsey. Credits: Little Traveler collab by After Five Designers, It’s Bath Time by Jofia Devoe, Traveling Typewriter font


Green: natural, environmental, peaceful, leafy, bright, safe, and fresh. Mother Nature loves greens and fills gardens, forests, and farms with various shades of the color. Green is the perfect choice for outdoors themes and is a wonderful companion to bold and fiery colors.

green copy

Layout by Katie. Kiss Me by Valorie Brown. Century Gothic font.


If you find color inspiring, you might enjoy some of these other resources:


Next time you are browsing through your digital scrapbook supplies, pay attention to the monochromatic colors that you find. Halloween kits are great resources for blacks and oranges. Christmas kits will give you plenty of reds and greens to work with. Independence Day brings blues and reds. Many other kits are filled with various shades of yellows, purples, browns, and more. Have fun mixing and matching your supplies to create your own monochromatic layouts!


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