How To Photograph Spooky Halloween Photos

Are you ready to get a little spooky with your Halloween photos this year?

If you want to try a little something different that may actually get your kids interested in getting in on the action, grab your flash or a flashlight and your tripod so we can have some fun!

Once they see this technique they’ll want you to shoot them this way over and over again.

The Set Up

  • Find a dark space. The darker the better.

The Camera Settings

  • Set your camera to Manual Mode.
  • Set your focus to Auto.
  • Set your aperture to f/8.
  • Set your to ISO 100.
  • Set your shutter speed to 10″ (10 seconds).

The Prep

  • Take a photograph with the background you will use, no need to have your subject yet.

  • If your photo is completely black, you are ready for the next step!
  • If there is still light in your image move your aperture up a stop to f/11 and shoot again without your model. You are aiming for as little light as possible in your background.

The Photo

  • Now place your camera on your tripod.
  • It’s time to put your subject in the frame.
  • Let your subject know where to stand.
  • Either hand them your flash or a flash light.
  • They are going to stand in one spot in the frame, illuminate themselves, move, and then flash themselves again.


  • Put yourself in the photo.
  • You or someone else can also light them with the flash or flashlight.
  • If there isn’t enough light hitting your subject, bump your ISO up a bit or raise your flash power. Play with it to see the results you can create.
  • You can set your shutter speed for longer if you’d like, giving them more opportunities to light themselves up. Play with the shutter length

Have fun with it and see what creative results you can get! Your “headless horseman” subject may just get into it too!


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