Why I Don’t Delete Photos (and why you might want to stop)


I rarely delete photos. There are a couple of reasons I have made this choice:
1) I would rather spend that time scrapping
2) I feel like digital photo technology is in its infancy and you never know what the next development will be.

A week or so ago, I was smacked in the face with the reality of the amazing new developments yet to come when I saw a video of sneak peeks from Adobe at Adobe Max. The sneak peeks are developments they are working on for future releases of Photoshop. The video below shows the Unblurring Tool they are working on in action. That’s right a tool in Photoshop that will unblur photos! The video is a little hard to see, but watch and listen to the audience gasp in amazement. Remember that this audience is filled with true Photoshop Geeks. I would imagine it would take something pretty impressive to cause the reaction this effect got.