Let’s Talk About the Weather (and scrap it!)


Happy Planet by Kate Hadfield, The Architect by Heather Hess


Weather is one thing that people can always talk about, and we often like to complain about it also! Good weather can be wonderful, and bad weather can range from annoying to downright destructive. As I (Katie) was browsing through our Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration Flickr Group, this layout from Ronnie caught my eye.  I realized that I have done very little scrapping about the weather!


Weather is a big part of our everyday life and often plays a significant role in the stories of our lives. Weather can change our plans in a heartbeat. Storms can suddenly appear, or last for days. The weather is always on our mind. I’ve been stuck in snowstorms, had a car damaged in a hail storm, been sunburned on a sunny day, and was even injured once when a massive gust of wind forced a container up against my face. I’ve also enjoyed the sunshine, felt depressed on an overcast day, and I’ve been known to sing in the rain. These are all experiences and memories that have not been documented in my albums. When I saw Ronnie’s layout, I realized that there was a whole range of weather-related topics I could scrap about! Here are a few layouts I found in the galleries as inspiration. All images are linked for credits.












Aren’t those layouts amazing? So many ways to scrap about the weather. You might also consider adding in details about what the weather was like when adding journaling to ANY type of layout. It’s interesting background information! I decided to look to the talented designers in the digital scrapbooking community for some fun weather kits and embellishments. Here are some of my favorites:










The next time you find yourself discussing the weather with someone, consider digi scrapping about the weather. You will always have something to talk about!

katie big

All About Credits


Have you wondered about listing credits when you share a layout online? I (Katie) remember the first time I ever posted a layout online (back in 2005) and I was so nervous about how to list the credits. I didn’t really understand much about how to do it and it seemed to take more time than I wanted to spend. Just like anything, there was a small learning curve before it made sense to me, and now I can pretty much keep track of supplies in my head as I scrap, or use a few handy tricks to make it easy. Once you get in the habit of keeping track of your credits, you will really come to understand why you should keep track of credits. It might surprise you!


  • Do it for yourself! Some digi scrappers wonder why they need to keep track of credits at all, especially if they don’t share their layouts online? The number one reason I keep track of credits is for myself. Yep, just for my own records! I wish I had done this in the very beginning so I could find the same supplies I used for some of those early layouts. I find it to be especially helpful to have a list of credits to refer to if I want to go back and make an opposing page to go with a layout, or create something similar. Now, I always put together a list of credits, even if I never share the layout online. I post all my layouts to Flickr, but I do mark some of them as “private” or viewable only to family. I find that the description area on Flickr is the perfect place to keep track of the information relating to the layout. Some scrappers create a hidden layer with the details and keep it in their layered file. Others might keep a word document. I prefer the Flickr method because it’s so easy for me to always find the credits when I look up the layout.


  • To help others: When you share a layout online, others can be inspired by your creation and they will want to know where you got the “stuff” and/or the ideas for your layout. I quickly realized that if I didn’t post the name of the font I used, people would comment to ask me what it was. One of the great things about sharing online is the feeling of community you experience. It’s fun to have others comment on your layouts and to share the good things you find in digiland with them. I love it when someone tells me that just had to go and buy a certain kit because of one of my pages! It’s considered a common courtesy when you post in a gallery, or even on a personal blog, to include the credits for your page. Of course, there are no “credit police” out there – it just makes it more fun for everyone and it’s nice to do!


  • To promote a designer/store/website: If you are on a creative team, or completing a challenge or prompt, it is generally expected that you will list the appropriate credits with your creation. This is the way we all find out about what’s available for digital scrapbooking. When I see a layout that I like, I carefully read the credits to see what products were used, or if there was a challenge that inspired the page. I want in on some of that good stuff too!


  • When a layout is published: A magazine won’t publish a layout without proper credits. They know that people are going to want to know the “recipe” for that page so they can make it themselves. Can you imagine the mail they would get if they published so many fantastic layouts without any information about how they were made?!



This might seem daunting at first, but I find that keeping track of credits for digital layouts is much easier than when I tried to do the same thing as a paper scrapper. The product information is always right there in the product, or at least in the folder. You just need to experiment with the system that works best for you. Here are a few approaches I’ve used:

  • Use only 1 kit. This is the easiest way to keep track of what you’ve used on a page, just pull everything you need from 1 single kit, or even from 1 designer. I used a template and a kit that were both from the Shabby Princess for this layout. I like to keep the folders I pull the supplies from open until I’ve had a chance to jot down what I’ve used. Again, I just type them into the description area on Flickr, but a sticky note on your desk, a word document, or a hidden layer in your file, all work equally well.


Here’s how I would list the credits if I was posting this layout in a gallery or sharing it here on the Daily Digi. I would just list the designer and the product used.

Shabby Princess Easy As Pie Template # 12
Shabby Princess Clementine kit
Traveling Typewriter font

If I wanted to add more detail, I could mention that the template was a freebie on The Shabby Shoppe blog. I could also copy and paste my journaling right into the credits. Some people like to be able to read the journaling and I enjoy sharing it. Journaling reads:
You are such a beautiful girl – inside and out! I love that you care so much about people and that you express your love for us often. Your heart is very tender and your emotions are often close to the surface. You are constantly looking to learn new things and you spend many of your days inventing new knitting projects or dreaming up experiences and parties you would love to participate in. You truly have a zest for life and that makes you even more beautiful!

  • Refer to the source of an idea. For this layout, I used a technique that I wrote about in a previous article here at The Daily Digi about using charts and graphs for scrapbooking. I anticipated that others might wonder how I made the graph so I thought I would mention the article. A lot of what inspires me to include things in the credits is thinking about what I would want to know if I saw the same layout online.

reading copy

Tattered Pear Bookmarked (TDF 32)
Template bySine (NLA)
Graph idea from http://thedailydigi.com/digi-scrapping-charts-and-graphs/

Traveling Typewriter 12 pt. 18 pt. leading

Did you notice some of the extra things I added in the credits? When I listed (TDF 32) next to the Tattered Pear kit, that indicates that this kit was in The Digi Files #32). I added this for my own records, but someone who has bought the Digi Files in the past will appreciate knowing where they can find this fun kit!

The (NLA) means that this particular item is “No Longer Available”. I think this is helpful to let other people know so they don’t waste time looking all over for the item. Some scrappers might have it in their own stash so they can look through their files.

The font size and leading is something I recently started adding after I wrote this article on Text Size Matters because it is something that is very helpful to me when I go to make an opposing page, or if I need to know what a good text size is for a certain font. I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone else list this in with their credits, but I like to do it.


  • Include sources of other images: When you use a stock photo, someone else’s photo, or even a website image, it’s considered more than good etiquette to list the sources, it’s a matter of respecting copyright and terms of use. These items are ok to use on a personal scrapbook page if proper credit is given. When a stock photo is purchased through proper channels, you might not be required to credit the source, but it’s nice to give credit where credit is due. Others might wonder if they see that same stock photo popping up on other scrapper’s pages as well.

good day

Weeds & Wildflowers + Cinzia Designs Everyday Life kit, elements, & word art
screen shots from myfitnesspal.com

  • Keep track of multiple items from many different kits and designers: You won’t always be creating layouts from a single kit at a time. Some digiscrappers never do that and prefer to combine many different ingredients together. When I scrapped this page a few years ago, I participated in a Digi Dares challenge to use at least 4 patterned papers in the design and 5 different fonts to create a word art piece.


I used quite a list of supplies from a variety of sources. I just listed each item and the designer to compile my list of credits.
Experiment No. 16 template by Emily Powers
East meets West kit by Traci Reed
Glitter Paper by Two Sisters Designs
Natural Spring kit by Katie the Scrapbook Lady
Good Day Sunshine kit by Rachel Young
Build your own blooms by Christina Renee
Please Refrigerate kit by Lauren Grier and Mikkel Paige
Fonts: Francis Gothic, CK Classical, Abadi MT Condensed, FO giggles, Angsana New

  • Copy and paste the file names into your credits: When we did the From the Files Reader Challenge here at The Daily Digi, we needed to use very specific items from several different kits included in The Digi Files. I found it easier just to copy and paste the exact file name of each item right into my list of credits.


I’m so lucky (in kk_wio_spring folder)

Font is Pea Luv Holly Wood. Background template by Scrapping with Liz (paperback 7). All I did to recolor the orange paper (in PSE) was to add a new adjustment layer and slide the hue slider to the left until I got the right shade of pink (-38). I changed the border by clipping the green paper to it. I lowered the opacity on my large background photo to create a paper. I used the word art of “I’m so lucky” to inspire me to write down some of the many things I’m grateful for.

Use a credit tracker: I’ve heard great things about Anna Forrest’s credit tracker, so you might want to consider using either the Photoshop CS version or the Photoshop Elements version.


Check out the product description:

Do you hate keeping track of all the supplies you’ve used? Struggle remembering every little details? Don’t stress – let this application do all the work for you! Just build your layout as usual and when you’re finished get a nicely formatted list of all your supplies and fonts ready to post! Credits can be formatted in plain text, BB code, or HTML. They can be saved to the file’s document info, a text file or in a text layer! Product links and store names can be included if desired. Don’t compile a list of credits ever again!

So cool!


  • Credits should still be given even if the item was a freebie. It doesn’t matter whether or not you paid for the item, it’s still someone else’s creation and should be credited. You can read more about digital freebies here.
  • When using a collaborative kit with many designers, it’s not necessary to list every item you used and the designer responsible for that item. Just be sure to list the collab kit name and other pertinent details such as the store it was sold in, or the charity it raised funds for, or if there are only a few designers, you might want to list them. You can read more about collaborative projects here.
  • Don’t be worried about “not doing it right” when it comes to listing credits. Just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it. I think the best advice for learning how to post credits is to browse through a gallery, or a blog like this one and see how others do it. You can read more about online galleries here.
  • It helps to know a little of the digi “lingo” when you are posting credits. You can read about digital scrapbooking acronyms & terminology here.


Posting credits is a great way to keep your own records, and share in the fun  of the digital scrapbooking community. Take an extra minute or two next time you create a page to jot down the credits,. You’ll be glad you did!


katie big


P.S.  Jacinda was the random winner selected from the comments on the Micheline Martin feature. Congrats! Smile

Micheline Martin: Fresh Eyes


Micheline Martin was in one of the very first issues of The Digi Files over two and a half years ago and I’m so excited to welcome her back!  My team LOVED Micheline’s contribution this month and had so much fun creating with it! Micheline’s fun, shabby, modern style is so fun to work with and the theming in “Geek Chic” resonated with each of us! Let’s take a closer look at “Geek Chic” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


Here are some layouts created using Micheline Martin’s contribution:


Layout by Kim. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33.
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Patti Knox’s Digital Art Journaling class.
Layout by Karen. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Template by Lynn-Marie Favreau.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Summer Swim template by Emily Merritt; Font: The Girl From Alaska by Heather Hess.
Layout by Tara. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Font: PT Sans.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

My Name is Micheline Martin. I was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario, Canada where I  am still living and raising my children alongside my amazing husband of 8 years, Mystaya who is 8 and Logan who is 6. I currently run a in-home daycare and have been for 6 years now. I also design in my free time. I am honored to have been asked to participate in the digi files.





It all started for me 6 weeks after my son was born, I was in a “mommy forum” online and we would make sig tags with pictures of our children in them. I found myself wanting to know how to make the items that were used in the tags and really haven’t looked back since 🙂 Actually what suprises most people is that I do not scrap, I haven’t scrapped in gosh I don’t even know how long, I’ve only made a total of like 10 layouts. I always found scrapping so much harder then designing.

Everything around me inspires me, magazines, my children’s clothes/books/toys, tv, pretty much anything and everything.

Computer: I use a dell inspiron 1545 and have 4GB of RAM.
Software: My Must have is PSP9 (I am self tought and have never upgraded lol) and PSE 8.
Camera: My iphone4 🙁 my camera is broken and I am saving up for a Canon.
Anything Else: I use a Wacom Tablet, but rarely ever use it.

Try not to design in the wee hours in the morning always use “fresh” eyes. When staying up until the wee hours in the morning to finish that kit, make sure to ALWAYS double check your work after a good nights sleep, I don’t know how many times I have been half asleep and accidentally saved a png as a jpg or forgot to save the paper that took me hours to do.

Monsters Under My Bed


Just a Girl


Here are some of my favorite products by Micheline Martin:







Here are some more inspirational layouts using Micheline Martin’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

Go have a look in Micheline Martin’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Micheline Martin

The following layouts were created using “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files during September:

Layout by Lauren
Layout by Sir Scrapalot
Layout by Trina
imageLayout by SharonS
Layout by Kim. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33.
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Patti Knox’s Digital Art Journaling class.
Layout by Karen. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Template by Lynn-Marie Favreau.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Summer Swim template by Emily Merritt; Font: The Girl From Alaska by Heather Hess.
Layout by Tara. Supplies: “Geek Chic” by Micheline Martin and included in The Digi Files #33; Font: PT Sans.

Does your computer need sleep?


sleep tight by Kaye Winiecki

Does your computer need sleep? I (Katie) have often wondered if I’m giving my computer the rest it needs? I’ve heard conflicting opinions about whether or not you should actually power down your computer each night, or simply let it go into sleep mode?  I generally let me computer go to sleep, which means I have changed the power settings to go into sleep mode after a certain period of inactive use time. When I come back to my computer, I can quickly start it up again without having to go through a full power up cycle. I also have a password on my computer so whoever logs back on after it’s been sleeping, needs to know the password. This is a good security measure if you use your computer in work or public locations. I only restart my computer if I need to install updates or if I’m packing it to go on a long trip. Sometimes, I will fully restart my computer if I’m having a lot of problems getting programs and files to work properly. For some reason, a good restart seems to clear out the bugs.

I asked some of our team members here at The Daily Digi to tell me what they know about the sleep/power off question and here’s what they had to say:

  • Heddy – I use Windows 7 and my instruction manual specified that the computer would work optimally if put to sleep each night and not fully shut down.
  • Wendy – Some computers are set to run updates and upgrades only during shut down or restart. Closing out of programs can free up memory and hard drive space taken up by temporary files. Restarting clears log files that keep things running smoothly. That said, my computer is very stable and I only restart it once a week. However, it is set to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.
  • Kim – I have a laptop and I completely shut it down every night and start it up in the morning. It runs hot (and I just burned out a cooling fan that I’d only had a month) so I try to turn it off to let it get nice and cool. During the day when I’m a work, it sleeps. I’ve had this laptop for 3 years and haven’t had any issues other than reheating once. [Knock on wood.]
  • Karen – I turn my laptop completely off at night, but my desktop goes to sleep after 20 minutes of not being used. I actually don’t know what’s better or worse, but I had an old PC laptop with my last job that, no joke, could take 20 minutes to fully power up, so with my Macs at home, I just got in the habit of not shutting them down unless I had to. It’s also partly a convenience. Our iMac is in the living room, so there’s very often someone on it. I don’t think it would have time to sleep!

As always, the team brought up some great points to help me in my research. After reading Heddy’s comment, I realized I should start with the manual for my own laptop. I use a Dell XPS laptop and run Windows 7 Home Premium. The user manual is available by clicking on the “Help and Support” tab in my start menu. After searching on sleep and restarting, I found these helpful bits of information:

Using sleep

You can put your computer into sleep mode instead of shutting it down. When your computer is asleep, the display turns off and often the computer’s fan stops. Usually, a light on the outside of your computer case blinks or turns yellow to indicate that the computer is asleep. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Because Windows will remember what you were doing, there’s no need to close your programs and files before putting your computer into sleep mode. But it’s always a good idea to save your work before putting the computer into any low-power mode. The next time you turn on your computer (and enter your password, if required), the screen will look exactly as it did when you turned off your computer.

To wake your computer, press the power button on your computer case. Because you don’t have to wait for Windows to start, your computer wakes within seconds and you can resume work almost immediately.

  • When your computer is asleep, it uses a very small amount of power to maintain your work in its memory. If you’re using a laptop, don’t worry—the battery won’t be drained. After the computer has been sleeping for several hours, or if the battery is running low, your work is saved to the hard disk, and then your computer turns off completely, drawing no power.

When to shut down

Even though putting your computer into sleep mode is the fastest way to turn it off and the best option for resuming work quickly, there are certain times when you need to shut down:

  • When you’re adding or upgrading the hardware inside your computer—such as installing memory, a disk drive, a sound card, or a video card. Shut down the computer, and then disconnect it from its power source before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • When you’re adding a printer, monitor, external drive, or other hardware device that doesn’t connect to a USB or IEEE 1394 port on your computer. Shut down the computer before connecting the device.


Checking your own computer manual is the best option to help you figure out what’s best for your system. It’s a good idea for energy conservation, and for the long-term care of your computer to have some way to let it rest when not in use. Laptops especially run hot and the fan has to work hard to keep things cool. Change your power settings to let your computer sleep when you aren’t going to use it for awhile. Your computer will be happy for the naptime!


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Lightning Round Journaling


Layout by Aaron Morris (Sir Scrapalot). Papers and Elements: All Star by Kristin Cronin-Barrow. Template: Take Out Tuesday 5/25/10 by Lynnette Penacho. Fonts: The Typewriter by Heather Hess and Lizzy Fizzed Out by Darcy Baldwin. Shadows: One Little Bird and Jenn Barrette. Photo Action: My Four Hens


When I (Katie) saw this fabulous layout from Aaron, I had to ask him where he got the idea for the “Lightning Round” journaling? He told me that “the layout was actually for a challenge in the June Portfolio at Sweet Shoppe Designs. For the challenge, we were supposed to pick one of the parts of the fill in journal pages from this site. There are a TON there and they are all great!”

This reminded me of how awesome the internet is when it comes to journaling! There are so many prompts and ideas already out there to help us! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of journaling ideas and information. I want to encourage you to just pick something to jumpstart your journaling and then simplify the idea by mimicking Aaron’s “Lightning Round” approach. All you need to do is list a few prompts and answer them. Don’t spend a lot of time on the task, you could even set a timer for yourself if that would make it easier.

Here are some great resources to get you started:

Here are some fabulous layouts with “Lightning Round” style journaling to inspire you: (all images are linked for credits)








Isn’t it amazing to see all the ways this type of quick journaling can be used to tell a story? Let some lightning journaling strike you when you sit down to create your next layout!


katie big

Friday I’m in Love (with digi shopping!)


I (Katie) don’t know why that Friday song by The Cure popped in my head when I started this post, but I thought I would get you stuck on it too. LOL! Seriously though, I am in love with Fridays because that’s my day to go digi shopping and exploring in digi land, and I love to share all my funtastic finds with you!

Just a quick note for our Digi Show listeners – We are on a short hiatus right now for The Digi Show while Steph relocates her family to another state. Good luck with your moving Steph, and we wish you lots of happiness in your new home!

khadfield_newhousedoodles_boxes copy

doodles by Kate Hadfield. Fontologie printing primer font and Pea Beth font.

Open-mouthed smile Ok, on with the  digi goodies!

Cindy Schneider has a new freebie on her facebook page!


A new set of Double Masks is out by Heather T. @ MScraps–use one for the background, the other for the photo!


A new month means a new BYOC at The Lilypad! Lauren Reid has 3 new goodies all 20% off this weekend!


For every princess and royal occasion. Magical moments of every kind from Chelle’s Creations.


Purchase Laura Banasiak and Litabells’ brand new collab, Let Me Tell You and you’ll get a four pack of matching stacked papers free!


Lynne-Marie Favreau has a gorgeous new kit with a special offer!


Studio Basic has a super fun new template pack!


WM Squared has a great College Add – On to her Back To School kit!  Check out all the matching College Years items!


Scrap Orchard is having a Summer Rewind Sale thru Tuesday!


The Tattered Pear has a new set of school themed Photo Kisses this week. Love these!


Julianna Kneipp has a sale going on in her OScraps store!


Connie Prince’s September Grab Bag goes on sale from 9/2-9/8/2011.  The bag is complete with five, brand new products and only costs $5 during the sale!  Products are fully revealed in the store’s additional image section.


It is time again for the Digichick Chick Fix…Mari Koegelenberg has  4 New Products & you can save 25% and more for a limited time.


Ziggle Designs and SuzyQ Scraps released collection #9 for Project: Love, Me — iInspire. Save 20% thru 9/8.


I love this 20 page Simple & Sweet template album by Scrapping with Liz. It’s 20% off this week along with a lot of her older summer releases & there is an awesome Free With Purchase going on at Scrap Orchard if you purchase $10 you get a an awesome kit for free!


Designs by Lili has a new set of hand cut alphabets this Friday. It’s 20% off all weekend.


Tracie Stroud has a new kit, Hope Springs New, releasing this week. TheDailyDigi readers can use this exclusive coupon to save 30% on the kit through September 7: TSDhope30


After Five Designs has a Back to Scrapping Sale going on now through the 7th, and get a free collab with a $10 purchase!


Jenn Lindsey has added 5 new template sets to her store at After Five Designs just in time for the Back to Scrapping Sale going on now through the 7th.


Flergs has a beautiful new collection with a coupon code just for us! Use code FlergsSS10off


It’s that time of year again – Fair time! Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics has a great collection in her store and a fun freebie on her blog!


Kristin Aagard and Traci Reed have an apple-icious new collab kit this week called Apple of My Eye. It is 35% off through September 7th at A5D (now I want a caramel apple! LOL)


I’m loving this new Smarty Pants school kit by Jenn Barrette. Great kit for any age of student!


Elise Hansen and Kim Broedelet have teamed up to create an amazing vintage travel kit– Journey of the Heart! Inside you’ll find 25 amazing papers, plus more than 50 unique elements and two complete alphas!  Save 20% today at ScrapMatters.


Mye De Leon has a gorgeous new kit this week!  Aged to Perfection is a kit to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. Check it out because it’s on sale for 20% off for 1 week!


Fee Jardine Designs has a delicious new template to share…check out her blog for details.


I love this new Extra Credit collection from Gina Cabrera at Digital Design Esssentials!  Extra Credit is perfect for your school-themed layouts and it’s on sale for 20% OFF for a limited time!


K Studio is guest designing at TDC in September, and the guest spot at A5D continues!  New football and soccer themed kits, plus a new alpha ~ all 35% off at A5D for the storewide Back to Scrapping Sale from September 1-7.  Or pick up the Sporty Collection and save 55% off on all the new goodies! TDC September Chick Fix products are on sale for $1, and $2 through Monday, September 5.


Meredith Cardall has a special deal for The Daily Digi readers! Use code TDD15%F


Veronica of Studio Vivarant shows how to Create An Accordion Fold Frame. Learn how to create a folded frame and apply the proper drop shadows to make it jump off the page. This tutorial is part 3 in a series of 3 tutorials. Parts one and two will teach you how to create your own custom gradients and how to use those gradients to create pleats or folds in your digital papers.


Registration is still open for Steph’s “Album of Awesome” class . Class starts in just over a week! I’ve had the chance to preview this fun workshop and it really does help you find the awesome things in life and document them in a meaningful and easy way! Here’s what Steph has to say about this class:

All of us have small things in life that bring a smile to our face and can make a not-so-good day seem even better! Sometimes, identifying and remembering those little things can be a hard thing to do though, especially if we are going through a rough patch in our life. From what I have experienced in my own life, when I choose to focus on the positive, it becomes easier to see the good things in life that are going on around me. When Neil started the blog 1000awesomethings.com he started it because he was tired of all of the negative things that he kept seeing in the press and he was at a low point in his personal life. Finding one small, awesome thing in his life each day, gave him a new outlook.

During the Album of Awesome class, I will walk you through the process of finding the little awesome things in your life. I will break down the steps to finding awesome, share some of my own examples of discovery, and be there to answer your questions as you go on this journey. I won’t be showing step-by-steps because this album can be created using any supplies; digital or paper.

So come join me as we begin your journey to awesome and a different way to look at life than you ever have before.

Hope you all find some new digi love this Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

katie big

Thank YOU and Seven New Designers


September is here! In my hemisphere of the world, kids are heading back to school and most people are longing for cooler temperatures (is that possible?). We are ready to welcome fall!

I’m super excited to be welcoming a new set of fabulous designers to The Digi Files (TDF) today! It’s always so fun for me and my team on the first of each month as we start working on the next month’s contributors and this group was no exception! They each have a unique style and esthetic ensuring something familiar and something new for everyone! One of the GREAT things about the digi files is you get to try out not only new-to-you designers, but also new-to-you styles! I’ve heard from many members that they fell in love with a new style by trying out products included in The Digi Files.  Here’s a look at September’s designers and their stores:

Micheline Martin
Scrap Orchard
Little Green Frog
Che Yang
Studio Tangie
Fee Jardine
Boutique Cute Dolls

I can’t wait to start sharing their contributions on Monday as well as some of my favorite products from their stores! What a talented bunch!  Did you know that the designers that contribute to The Digi Files do not pay to be part of it? They have to be selected based on their quality designs. The Daily Digi is completely ad free and affiliate free. We do get offers all the time, but that is just not how we roll around here.  We want you to know that the products we are recommending, are ones we are using because we love them!


Every four months that members are subscribed, they receive an exclusive kit created by past contributors of The Digi Files. This month, we start sending out “My Life at Play” to those that have made 12 payments (or received 12 issues of TDF for annual subscribers). Here’s a look at everything inside:


You can get The Digi Files by becoming a member, here’s what our members are saying:

“I have only been a member for a couple of months (as soon as I saw the Jady Day kit I knew I had to join!!) but it is just like Christmas when you log in to the members area at the beginning of the month! It was lovely to reveal all the kits and discover that you know something that not everyone else does! It’s a great way to discover new designers” – Karen

“I am so glad I joined The Daily Digi! Absolutely no regrets.” – Ashley

“All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe how much you get for the month. This was my first month of membership and I was very impressed that the kits are very large kits, not just mini’s or sample kits, but actually very large full kits. The quality is extraordinary and I loved it all. I have already used much of what I received in August and I am sure I will use it all” – SusanW

“…this is the first month that I actually went through the Playbook from page 1 alllll the way to the end. I have been a member for several months now and I always “browse” through the Playbook, but this month I decided I was TRULY going to maximize my membership. I have to tell you….I HAD NO IDEA how much I was going to learn. I suppose initially I just figured the Playbook was just to show off pretty layouts with the stunning products we receive each month. NOPE! Not at all… The Playbook ALONE would be worth the monthly membership price (I AM NOT KIDDING), but we get that AND all kinds of beautiful designer products!” – Candi1973 in Colorado

Katie and I were completely overwhelmed with the wonderful comments left in yesterday’s post!!!  It is always amazing to me how many of our readers and members take the time to leave genuine, heart-felt comments so often here!  We read them all and appreciate it so much!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Here are the random winners selected from those comments:


Thanks again to everyone!

P.S. Thanks for all of the well wishes on my move! Smile