Everyday Moments

I’m excited to have a post here today by Heather Hess, a super talented scrapper, a wonderful fontographer and designer, and makes the occasional Digi Show appearance as well. She’s talented AND witty and a whole lot of fun! I really enjoyed these creative ideas from her and I know you will love them too!


This year I decided to take up the lovely task of project 365. First, I was scared beyond all get up! At times I felt like I had the most boring life, what was I ever going to photograph? I started finding little things that were part of my everyday. My cleaning products, my keychains, even a mess my dog made after tearing up a stuffed toy. And you know what I realized after looking back at these photos? They aren’t yours! It’s my life. These little everyday things that I walked past everyday suddenly meant more to me than anything. My thought process totally changed. What did I get to photograph for my 365? What was going to make the cut?

Now I’m not telling you that you need to start 365 or p52, all I’m saying is your everyday is special! Scrap those memories before they are gone. We are so lucky to be in the age of phones and digital cameras that are the size of our credit cards, we can carry them anywhere and photograph everything! Your everyday is full of special moments that someone you love would love to read about you. That someone may even be you. I love visiting old pages and re-reading the fond memories I once wrote about.

What is the view outside your window? What are your grocery shopping habits like? What do you see on your drive home from work?

Here are a few sample pages of my little everyday moments:

My boyfriend and I love to be in the kitchen together. One time when we baked cookies, I took some photos of it all and here is the result.


A car ride we took with the dog. Just the three of us in this moment as if there was no one else in the world.


What I wear to work everyday. Jeans will change and shoes may too but everything else is always the same.


Hanging out with my best friend / roommate one night. Nothing special, except for the bad smell on the subway.


How many new shoes have you photographed and scrapped a new pair of shoes. I promise, they will never look as clean as day one.


Your photographs and life are yours to capture!

Every time I look at these, they make me smile. They make my family smile. They enjoy seeing my life through my eyes and little things I pick up on that they may not have. There are little things we all love. How you organize your book shelf. A 360 view of your kitchen. Your favorite piece of art.

Some day you may rearrange, or redecorate, or move, or lose something… so while you still have it. Embrace them! Scrap them!