Boutique Cute Dolls: That Naughty Puppy Girl


I’m super excited to be welcoming Raquel from Boutique Cute Doll (BCD) to The Digi Files this month!  I LOVE the retro-modern, doodly feel that the BCD kits have! So many fun themes, colors, and unique elements; I really can study her previews for quite a while discover the details!  Let’s take a closer look at “Sweet Butterfly” that is included in The Digi Files this month:



Here are some layouts created using Boutique Cute Dolls’ contribution:


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: “Sweet Butterfly” by Boutique Cute Dolls and included in The Digi Files #33; Sunny Summer Holidays by Little Moments Designs.

LO2Layout by Karen. Supplies: “Sweet Butterfly” by Boutique Cute Dolls and included in The Digi Files #33.
LO3Layout by Tara. Supplies: “Sweet Butterfly” by Boutique Cute Dolls and included in The Digi Files #33; Font: PT Sans.
LO4Layout by Lauren. Supplies: “Sweet Butterfly” by Boutique Cute Dolls and included in The Digi Files #33; Story Mappers 3 (template) by The Tattered Pear; Fonts: Courier New, Arsenal White.
LO5Layout by Kimberly. Supplies: “Sweet Butterfly” by Boutique Cute Dolls and included in The Digi Files #33; Sandbox Summer by The Ette’s; Kraft Paper by Jen Martakis; Font: Hero.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.



Hello, my name is Raquel Barros, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Besides of being known as a dangerous place to live, it’s still hold the “wonderful city” title. It’s nice place to live with many beautiful things to see and places to go to enjoy nature. I’m the ‘mama’ of a little puppy girl, that brings joy to my home with her naughtiness and she’s very fun to play with. One day, in a blink of an eye I found myself in love with scrapbooking and today I’m addicted to this world full of digital papers, ribbons and buttons.





My last project was making my portfolio with all pages I made during these last years. I took an opportunity that came to me to print a really big amount of pages. I wish I could have extra time to do some hybrid scrapbooking. I own loads and loads of traditional scrapbook stash and I’m always looking forward to do some traditional pages. I do as often as I can, mostly to sharp my skills in design my products with a ‘real’ look.



I started researching for scrapbook in the internet. I saw that the internet was full of freebies and that was what at first fueled my new addiction. So much that I created a blog with links for the freebies I keep finding in my research. But as I was making more and more scrapbook pages each day, I found myself wanting to create my own designs to fill them. That was when I called two friends and created the brand Boutique Cute Dolls. We stayed together in this project for a while, but one day we realized that our styles and our daily schedules were too different from each other and decided to take separate paths. That was almost two years ago and since then I’m running the Boutique Cute Dolls by myself. Day after day I find myself enjoying even more than the beginning to create my designs and I can see the appreciation for my work with every feedback I receive, which I am very thankful for! I started scrapbooking in 2008 (I guess, it was a long time ago… ). My pages were SO ugly. I struggled a little to sharp my skills and find my own style.


Everything! Music, cartoons, Disney, movies, colors pallets… I always take note of any ideas I may have and then I work with them little by little.


I use some of CU products, only of designers I think that have a remarkable quality in their designs. I’m always looking forward to designs that I can transform, making them my own style. I make my schedule in a way to have a day to look for new products and new trends. I always have a use for CU products I find and often I buy the rights to use some designs commercially. I think it worth to make some investment in new trends, so I can always have my designs fresh and different from other designers.

Computer: I own 2 desktops and a notebook. The PC, I customized for designing asking a tech guy to include all the tools I may need. The notebook is an HP Pavilion. Both run Windows 7. One day, who knows, I’ll be the owner of an iMAC. Unfortunately, because of the HUGE amount of taxes here where I live, I still can’t have one. It’s INSANELY expensive! But I admit, I like to sit and work with my PC. I feel comfortable with it.

Programs: I have many different softwares installed here, the most used is PSCS5, which fill all of my needs. I think it already returned the investment I made. I too have Corel Draw and nowadays I’m using Adobe Illustrator a lot. And Color Painter. I’m always looking forward to make my designs with a ‘real’ touch and I make them to be fun and colorful.

Camera: I own a Nikon D3000, and besides of loving photography, I didn’t have time to put myself into learning my camera. I always take it with me in vacations, holidays… to take loads of pics. And guess who’s the most captured for my lenses? Yep, that naughty puppy girl.

Anything Else: I can’t create without my WACOM tablet. It gives me so much freedom to create! It’s way better designing with it. The investment in that tool really gives a great return.


Here is only one of my many favorites:



And let me tell you, one of my best sellers this year is the remake of Je T’Aime.


Here are some of my favorite products by Boutique Cute Dolls :







Here are some more inspirational layouts using Boutique Cute Dolls’ products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






Go have a look in Boutique Cute Dolls’ store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!