Little Gifts

I love making little gifts to give to friends and neighbors and if they can be made using digital supplies, it makes me oh so happy! As we were getting ready to move, I wanted something cute to give neighbors that would have my cell number and email address.  Here’s what I came up with:


I loved seeing people smile when I handed them the bag and then, when they realized my information was printed right on the bag, they would say, “How did you do that??”

Here’s How

I filled the bags with HUGS, they make me happy! I got the bags from Sweet Baking Supply Company and ran them through my printer. I did learn a few things (the hard way), so here are some tips for you:

  • Print only a few bags at a time (1-3 worked best)
  • Set up the document size to the size of the bags in your printer settings or control panel
  • Be sure to have enough bags to practice
  • Run a test with just one bag and make sure you have them inserted in the printer the correct direction.

I folded over the top and punched two holes through all layers of the bag.  I then used some cute bakers twine to tie them closed. I know that the first time I looped string or ribbon through like I did on these bags, it took me a few tries to get it right. I thought I would show a couple of pictures for those of you that haven not dabbled in paper Winking smile :

You start by looping the string (or twine/ribbon) through the front of the bags:


Cross the string in back and loop back through the opposite hole toward the front of the bag:


Once it’s through on the front side of the bag, tie it in a bow, and cut any extra.

I have a board on Pinterest that is dedicated to Little Gift ideas, so check it out if this is something you enjoy.

Giving little gifts don’t cost much, but they bring BIG smiles to people’s faces! Everyone loves to be thought of!

If you have some little gift ideas, be sure to link up to them in the comments.

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