Photograph your journaling


(sign from Hogle Zoo)

One of my (Katie’s) favorite resources for finding journaling comes from taking pictures of signs. When I go to the zoo, a museum, or any location with informational signs, I snap photos of the words written on these valuable journaling sources. Someone put a lot of effort into compiling and displaying the information on these signs and that means that I have some easy shortcuts to use when I create my own scrapbook layouts.

I knew when we visited the Totem Pole park in Alaska, that I would never be able to remember all the things we learned about. We loved reading all of the signs to understand more about the meaning and history of the various Totems. I snapped a picture of each Totem Pole and then photographed the accompanying sign right after. When I browse through my photos I have ready-made bits of journaling that I can include by using pieces of the photos, or I can rewrite the messages in many ways to document the memory I’m sharing.

2010 cruise Ketchikan (26)

A recent trip to the zoo gave me the perfect photo-opp with the elephants. I knew I would want to scrap those photos so I took pictures of the plaques that shared details about the family of elephants residing at the zoo.


Even if the journaling doesn’t show up very well in a photograph, I can enlarge it on my screen and read through it to jog my memory. I can also extract the shape of a sign (like the round one pictured below) and use it as a type of “journaling card” embellishment on a layout.


My kids appreciate me taking the time to snap pictures of the things they learn about on our field trips. It’s a great way for them to review their new knowledge and it adds interest to the memory being shared.


Signs can tell an important part of the story that you might otherwise forget to include. We’ve been going to the Shakespeare Festival for years, but somehow I’ve neglected to mention the ongoing campaign to raise funds for a new theater. Now that I have this photo, I will remember to journal those details.


We had a fabulous time at a recent Weird Al concert (he’s so funny!) and the t-shirt we bought for my son had all the tour stops listed on the back. This is a fun and interesting tidbit to remember!

DSC_0015 (8)

If you get a really clear picture of journaling (like this jellyfish sign at the aquarium), you have a ready-made journaling card. I can use this picture just like a photo on a page, but it tells a very interesting story that I wouldn’t have known about without the sign.


Journaling doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t always have to be in your own words. Feel free to borrow from all the readily available pieces of text that are informative and well-designed. Just take a picture and you will have instant words to add interest and meaning to your layouts.

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