Full of Photos!


As I look through past layouts, it’s quite evident that I (Katie) have fallen in love with certain styles of pages. One of my favorite kinds of layouts to create and to look at are pages that are FULL of photos! I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can include a lot of pictures on a page. I take so many photographs and I know it’s not possible to scrapbook all of them…but it won’t stop me from trying! Including a lot of different photos can also be a great way to illustrate the story you are documenting.

Here are some of my favorite multi-photo layouts:

(all images are linked for credits)

By including pictures from all the different places we go for treats when my parents are in town, I captured a fun addiction memory our family shares. If I chose only 1 photo for this page, I feel like it wouldn’t really represent the story I wanted to tell.


Scrapping collections or projects is another great time to use a lot of pictures all at once. It made my son so happy to see that I included all of his Bionicle builds on this layout.


Displaying a large collection of photos from many different years is an excellent way to show the passage of time. On this layout, you can watch me evolve from a small baby to a grown woman. I love the look of a pile of pictures like this, it doesn’t even matter that not all of them are showing because it gives the impression of looking at a stack of memories.


When I travel to a beautiful place, I love to take pictures. It makes me feel bad if I can’t include them all in our scrapbook – like I’m leaving out an important part of the experience. My favorite solution is to create layouts filled with our photographed memories like this one from our trip to Yellowstone.


This is also a guilt-free way to scrap because you don’t have to create a page for every special moment. Just put together a collection of representative photos and tell the story of a specific age or time frame. I journaled about what my son was like in 1999 and paired it with some of my favorite photos from that year. Voila! I have created something meaningful to share about what his life was like at that time.


I used this multi-photo layout to represent the highlights of our 2007 year. I used it as a holiday card image, and also enlarged and framed it to display in our house. This really represents our life in the year 2007.



So how do you fill up on photos?

Creating a layout with a lot of photos can take a little extra planning, that’s why I love to use some timesaving tools. Pre-designed templates take out the work of measuring and lining everything up. Using collage tools and programs are also great shortcuts to use. In fact, when I use a program like Foto Fusion, I can create a page with dozens (or more) photos on it in just a few minutes! You can find out more about making collages in this post. I often find that pages full of photos are easier to create because I don’t feel like I need to add a lot of extra embellishments. Of course, you can  add whatever you want to your creations, that’s the beauty of digi scrapping!

Next time you are browsing through your photo files and wondering how you will ever get all those pictures scrapped, consider filling up on photos and making a picture-packed page of memories!

katie big