Thank YOU and Seven New Designers


September is here! In my hemisphere of the world, kids are heading back to school and most people are longing for cooler temperatures (is that possible?). We are ready to welcome fall!

I’m super excited to be welcoming a new set of fabulous designers to The Digi Files (TDF) today! It’s always so fun for me and my team on the first of each month as we start working on the next month’s contributors and this group was no exception! They each have a unique style and esthetic ensuring something familiar and something new for everyone! One of the GREAT things about the digi files is you get to try out not only new-to-you designers, but also new-to-you styles! I’ve heard from many members that they fell in love with a new style by trying out products included in The Digi Files.  Here’s a look at September’s designers and their stores:

Micheline Martin
Scrap Orchard
Little Green Frog
Che Yang
Studio Tangie
Fee Jardine
Boutique Cute Dolls

I can’t wait to start sharing their contributions on Monday as well as some of my favorite products from their stores! What a talented bunch!  Did you know that the designers that contribute to The Digi Files do not pay to be part of it? They have to be selected based on their quality designs. The Daily Digi is completely ad free and affiliate free. We do get offers all the time, but that is just not how we roll around here.  We want you to know that the products we are recommending, are ones we are using because we love them!


Every four months that members are subscribed, they receive an exclusive kit created by past contributors of The Digi Files. This month, we start sending out “My Life at Play” to those that have made 12 payments (or received 12 issues of TDF for annual subscribers). Here’s a look at everything inside:


You can get The Digi Files by becoming a member, here’s what our members are saying:

“I have only been a member for a couple of months (as soon as I saw the Jady Day kit I knew I had to join!!) but it is just like Christmas when you log in to the members area at the beginning of the month! It was lovely to reveal all the kits and discover that you know something that not everyone else does! It’s a great way to discover new designers” – Karen

“I am so glad I joined The Daily Digi! Absolutely no regrets.” – Ashley

“All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe how much you get for the month. This was my first month of membership and I was very impressed that the kits are very large kits, not just mini’s or sample kits, but actually very large full kits. The quality is extraordinary and I loved it all. I have already used much of what I received in August and I am sure I will use it all” – SusanW

“…this is the first month that I actually went through the Playbook from page 1 alllll the way to the end. I have been a member for several months now and I always “browse” through the Playbook, but this month I decided I was TRULY going to maximize my membership. I have to tell you….I HAD NO IDEA how much I was going to learn. I suppose initially I just figured the Playbook was just to show off pretty layouts with the stunning products we receive each month. NOPE! Not at all… The Playbook ALONE would be worth the monthly membership price (I AM NOT KIDDING), but we get that AND all kinds of beautiful designer products!” – Candi1973 in Colorado

Katie and I were completely overwhelmed with the wonderful comments left in yesterday’s post!!!  It is always amazing to me how many of our readers and members take the time to leave genuine, heart-felt comments so often here!  We read them all and appreciate it so much!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Here are the random winners selected from those comments:


Thanks again to everyone!

P.S. Thanks for all of the well wishes on my move! Smile