Are YOU in the Picture?

If you listened to episode 4 of The Digi Show, you will know that I (Katie) had a good friend suddenly pass away in July. She was much too young to go, and it’s been hard to deal with the loss. When I went to her funeral, I watched the slide show of pictures that a relative had put together and I could almost hear her criticizing herself for how she looked. I couldn’t help but think to myself that no one she left behind was thinking anything negative about those photos. We all just wanted to see her. Those pictures are a treasure for her sweet family! It was a real wake-up call to me. I realized that it doesn’t matter if I don’t think the photos of me are the “best” ones, they are the memories that will matter to my loved ones right now, and also after I’m gone. I have been very reluctant to get in front of the camera the last few years, so I’m going to try harder to get myself in the picture more often. I’m going to remember how important it was to see those pictures of my friend, and that my own friends and family will want captured memories of me as well.


iphone 2011 CedarCity 010

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A series of events over the past year have really helped me “get over myself” as Katie would say, and be sure I am in the photos:
1) We went on a trip as a family (I don’t even remember which trip now) and as I looked through the photos, I realized there were only a couple of me. I thought to myself, “Someday, my kids are going to wonder if I was even there. Someday, when my mind is gone, *I* might wonder if I was there!”
2) I had a friend pass away last fall unexpectedly. She left behind four young kids, the youngest was 2. As I watched the slide show at the funeral, there were so many pictures of her. Pictures of her with her kids, with friends, with cousins and aunts, uncles…on and on. I wondered if my kids would have that legacy if something similar happened to me.
3) Katie shared a similar experience on she had this summer with a friend on The Digi Show.
As I talked to my husband and kids about that last event and Katie’s story, things clicked for them as well. They have started taking the camera from me and taking pictures of me. Sometimes, I feel like I am being followed by the paparazzi, but I don’t worry anymore about where the camera is and what I might look like. After all, isn’t that what we want the people we are photographing to do?






I’m RARELY if ever in photos. One way I’ve been trying to “get in the picture” is by messing around w/ the photo apps on my ipad. My kids and I will goof around and take tons of weirdo pics… it’s so much fun AND there will actually be proof that I existed! BONUS!



Like many moms out there, there are lots of photos of my kids, a few of my husband and pretty much none of me. I decided this year I would change that. I signed up for the 52 Week Project ( and have been religiously taking a slf portrait each week. I find that since I’ve sarted this project I’ve also started scrapping about myself more.


I don’t like my picture taken, but I try to be more in it since I know my kid would want photos of me when he gets older. I got a remote for my birthday and have just started playing with it, I see more photos in the future Cheesy (please disregard all the mess around me, I forgot to tidy up. LOL.).


I always try and get in the photo… self timer, holding the arm out, passing it off. I’ve also made a point in going and having our family photos done each year.
As a photographer I constantly am reassuring the Moms, and I use myself as an example. Looking back at my photos growing up there are hardly any of my mom cause she hated being in the photos. My Dad was always the photographer growing up and he passed away suddenly when I was 19 and my sister was only 12. The photos of us with him mean so much to us and we have 1 family photo. Just 1 in my Aunt’s kitchen on Christmas. I purposely capture my Mom with my boys every chance I get because of this. That’s why we make sure we get in the photos.


I’m the camera person in my family, so I’m usually behind every shot. Our daughter is now school-age though and from time to time I am able to hand her our point-and-shoot camera and she takes photos, which is nice! (And she LOVES to do it!)
For this photo, I used my camera on a tripod, with a remote trigger. (If you have a dSLR, a remote trigger is an excellent buy!)


In the Garden collab by T for Me Designs and Sugary Fancy Sunny Summer Holidays template by Little Moments

For this photo, I shot my reflection in a mirror.


I Am Craft by Deca Designs Joyful Heart template by Busy Bee Designs


Besides photos I snap on my camera phone (love being able to switch the camera on my iphone to take self-portraits easily!), I find that most photos of me are taken while I’m cooking. I’m not sure if it’s because when I’m cooking, I can’t have a camera in my hand or if I just cook a lot, but when I went to create an about me layout, all the photos I found were me in the kitchen. Seemed like that was worthy of a layout…

Kit is Close To My Heart by Zoe Pearn. Fonts are PMN Caecelia, SNF So Sweet and DJB Mrs Webster. Paper stacking template by Jacque Bernarndo.


I have a hard time getting in the pictures too. We got our family pictures done professionally in October and I’ve scrapped those a couple times. I have been asking/demanding that dh take my photo (alone and with others) more as I have 6,500 pictures from 2010, and I’m in about 10 of them.

Whispers of a Heart kit - Litabells Designs Lizzy Freebie - Crystal Livesay Font - Century Gothic Photo by Nichole Drevenak Photography
Thankful for You - Jenn Barrette and Zoe Pearn Lickety Split: Rocky Road - Tiny Toes Designs Photo by Nichole Drevenak Photography
Credits: Good Mother by Jenn Barrette Make the Time Templates - Connie Prince Font - Century Gothic
Credits: Take Note - Jenn Barrette and Kristin Cronin-Barrow Angie'licious 4 - ChrissyW Get Real Shadows - Jenn Barrette
Credits: Sorbet kit - Litabells One Pic Wonders Vol. 1 - geniaBeana Font - Pea Amy*Rica Script


Well, I haven’t scrapped any of these photos yet, but since my cancer diagnosis, I’ve been much more deliberate about being in photos despite the fact that I am not looking my best. I keep thinking that while I want to remember all the words/phrases/things they do, when my kids are adults, they’re going to want to see their parents and how our family interacted and not necessarily just 1,000’s of cute photos of themselves.

I love seeing photos of all these amazing ladies! They all inspire me so much and I appreciate them sharing these beautiful photos with all of us here. It takes effort (and courage) to get in front of the camera, but if we can do it, so can you! Make sure that YOU are in the picture!

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