Link with love


Kal Barteski is an artist who has started a Link with Love initiative that it so important to share with others. She explains: “I’m asking you – as the best parts of the internet – to help change the way we treat art. I’m asking you to share information. To educate. To LEAD. To be conscious as you surf and pin and tweet and flutter about on the world wide web. Give credit. Keep links. I’m asking you – not to do this because it’s RIGHT – but to do this BECAUSE IT PROTECTS THE SPIRIT OF PASSION. The heart of art.The very reason we make things.

I can’t do this by myself. There is more information here. We are just starting to build a site and add content. Visit to get a badge that you can post on your own blog or site that shows the internet YOU RESPECT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. That you LINK WITH LOVE.”

We always link with love here at The Daily Digi. We give credit to those whose ideas inspire us, and always link layout and product images to their original source. It’s the right thing to do, and we love to share all the wonderful resources we learn from. We hope you will also embrace the mission of the Link with Love initiative and give credit when you share online.

katie big