Digi Scrapping Memorabilia

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When someone finds out I (Katie) am a digital scrapbooker, they usually ask me “what do you do with all the papers and memorabilia?” It’s a good question because we all end up with a lot of pieces of paper and life tidbits that we want to save. This was a problem even back in my paper scrapping days. I decided to keep only the papers, certificates, and pieces of art that showcased my kids personality and I put them all in a few big pocket pages each year. I thought it was a pretty good approach, but it sure did make their albums bulky and awkward. Now that I’m fully digital, I have found a few different ways to manage these materials.

I’ve come up with 2 solutions that have worked well.

  1. The box on the shelf. I bought 4 storage boxes from IKEA and each person in our family gets a box. I keep them on a closet shelf. Each time someone gets something they want to keep like an award, a letter, a birthday card, etc. It goes into the box. About once a year I pull down the boxes and we all reminisce as we look through them. None of our boxes are close to full and if they started to get that way it would probably be a good time to re-evaluate what we are keeping. This is a simple approach and it works. Someday I hope my kids will be able to take their boxes with them to store in their own homes once they are good and settled down. For now, I’m happy to be the keeper of the boxes as long as they want me to.

2. Scan and scrap! Not everything belongs in the box. I try to photograph projects as we do them, or scan works of art and include them in my children’s albums when possible. Sometimes the hard copy goes in their keepsake box, sometimes it is just thrown away after I scan it. Some stuff just gets thrown away. I don’t even feel guilty about this. If I kept every piece of paper and memento that came through our doors, we would be buried in it. I do have a fondness for school and vacation memorabilia though because those items really help tell the story.

I especially love digital bulletin board style layouts for displaying these types of items. You can resize, layer, and add as many pieces as you want to and your page stays as thin as a photo. This is where shadowing can really make a difference. Here’s a layout using items from my son’s 2nd grade year. He attended public school back then. I didn’t worry about making the school name visible because we have moved from that area, but generally you should be very careful about posting the name of the school your kids attend or any other identifying information. Keep them safe!

Alex's bulletin board
The bulletin board is my creation and it will be a free bonus gift in the upcoming September Playbook. Yay! The thumbtacks are from Maya’s High School Kit at Scrapbook Graphics.

Tips from the team:

  • Lauren said “One thing we’ve done w/ the kids is to have them HOLD or STAND BY an art work that we don’t plan on saving for whatever reason. It’s such a fun memory to see not only the project, but how old they were when they made it!”
  • Tara shares “I have photographed it, scanned, and just plain old popped it in a page protector and right in the album. I do the last one the most with Project Life now.
  • Wendy said “I have a box it all goes into. If I have something special, I scan it. But, I would love to get a setup with a stationary camera that I can just photograph it all laying flat.
    I am also planning on painting the kids rooms with that magnetic primer so they can hang their artwork in their rooms easier.”

Here are some other layouts that use memorabilia in an inspiring way!

(All images are linked for credits)

I love all the vintage memorabilia included on this page!


Adding ticket stubs and other travel items to a page helps you tell a more complete and interesting story.

Including artwork and crafty creations on a layout will make them into treasured keepsakes for years to come.


Memorabilia can add a wonderful and artistic feeling to the layout. I love the layering of the items on this page!


Pieces of memorabilia can be used as actual journaling on the layout.


Some great resources to help you digi scrap memorabilia:

Now go dig out those ticket stubs, postcards, and pieces of memorabilia to add to your next digi page!

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