I Love EOM


A couple of months ago, I came across an article on Lifehacker about “End of Message” or EOM.  I read it and thought about how lovely it would be to get EOM messages. I wondered if others would be grateful to get them or think it was rude? Not too long after, I got an email from Katrina Kennedy with a subject and EOM was at the end of the subject. I would have hugged her if she would have been here. I know I’m not the only one that feels overwhelmed by their inbox!

I frequently get several hundred emails in a day. Things can get lost, overlooked, and buried pretty quickly. I have an organization system in place that helps me control things as much as possible. I typically put the highest priority on customer service emails and feel guilt for anything else that goes unanswered for too long (my friends and family tend to be put on the bottom of the list most often). To get a message in my inbox with an EOM at the end was like something from the movies when the heavens open and the hallelujah chorus sings! This person didn’t want or need anything from me and I didn’t need to feel guilty about not replying. In fact, it would have been rude for me to reply!

Don’t get me wrong! Much of the email I get is welcomed and I do love the relationship that I am able to build with our readers through it. Sometimes though, my inbox can get overwhelming (I know I am not alone) and on those days, an EOM message makes me smile. Smile