Scrapping with Styles


If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can use styles. Styles come in .asl format and they are very easy to install and use, it’s simply a matter of copying the .asl file to the right location on your hard drive. Then when you are scrapping in your Photoshop program, you can choose the styles from your drop down effects menu and just click buttons to play around. Fun! Flergs has a great step-by-step tutorial on her blog for installing styles. She also includes a link with information for PSE users.

Did you know you already have styles loaded in your program? Wendy said “One tip I give people is that PS (not sure about Elements) comes with TONS of styles that aren’t pre-loaded. They are worth checking out… you never know what you might find in there! To find them, go to your APPLICATIONS>PHOTOSHOP folder and in there, PRESETS>STYLES. (You can find tons of other stuff in there too, like shapes and brushes.) You’ll find several sets you can load in to PS. If you load them through your Preset Manager, be sure to choose APPEND so that it adds them to what you have already loaded instead of replacing them.”

Full Photoshop users do have more styles accessible to them in their program. I (Katie) use PSE and couldn’t use Wendy’s tip, but I did find that there were a lot of great styles that came preloaded with PSE. Of course, I also have purchased some great styles to get even more use from this great feature.


Want to know how to use styles in your scrapping? Here are some great examples: (all layouts are linked for credits)

This layouts uses frame styles on the photos and chipboard styles on the title. Instead of having to search through files of supplies, this digi scrapper just applied the frame style to the photos. No need to look for a matching alpha – use a chipboard style to make great titlework from any font!


A leather style was used to enhance the photo frame on this layout. Leather styles are great for titles or any type of simple embellishment.  Anyone who wants to shadow like a pro can simply use drop shadow styles from talented designers available in many digi shops.


Tangie Baxter has a style set called paperworn art styles that make anything look more “artsy” and worn.


Glitter styles are a favorite way to add some pizzazz to any layout. Apply them to flourishes, words, frames, and more to pretty things up.



Here are some more examples of styles that would be fun to use for digi projects.  I used a font called elephant to type out the word “style” and then played around with different styles for illustrations. Note that I used Jenn Barrette’s drop shadow styles to shadow each example.

using asphalt style that came with PSE 8


using Amy Stoffel’s plastic style


using brick wall style that came with PSE 8


using Misty Cato’s chipboard style


using Flergs glitter style. I also used Flerg’s glitter styles for the title image of this post.


using Flergs leather style


using Wow Chrome style that came with PSE 8


Want to go shopping for some styles? Here are some fun styles to play with:














Take a look through your program and see what styles you already have installed (remember Wendy’s PS tip). Type out a word or find a simple shape and test out all the styles to see what they look like. It’s a fun way to play, and I bet you will get some new inspiration for your layouts!

katie big