Scrapping With Scatters

Credits: Inspired by You - Tracie Stroud Building Blocks 5 - Tracie Stroud


Scatters are typically a unique trend to digital scrapbooking.  Just by definition, it is something that is difficult to do in paper scrapbooking. To scatter something is to “throw loosely about; distribute at irregular intervals.”  Scatters can be beads, sequins, glitter, confetti, paint, etc. Team member Trina really likes using scatters, let’s take a look at some of her examples:

Credits: Silly Silly bo Billy - The Digi Files 30 - Jady Day Studio Template: For the Love of Scrap - Jenn Lindsey


Credits: Play it Again - Jenn Barrette and Misty Cato Gimme Layers Seeing Double - Cluster Queen Creations


Trina shared this tip for using scatters:

I usually only put scatters directly on the background paper, otherwise they look like they’re floating. I usually use more than one as well – if a kit only has one, I duplicate and rotate it and place it diagonally across from the other scatter to balance it out.

Peppermint of One Little Bird Designs has this tutorial for creating your own scatters.

You can download Speed Scraps free scatter script for PS and PSE.  She also has instructions for installing and running the scripts.

Wendyzine has some scatter brushes:

Basically, choose your color, then the scatter brush, and paint for a scatter of glitter, sand, snow, etc. The great thing about scatter brushes is once you have the brush settings saved, you can use them with any other “style” in your stash (ie. other glitter, plastic, paint or anything).

STYLES: Sand Brush

Here are some premade scatters (they often come included in kits as well):

Messed Up May

Urban Grunge~ Polyester Bride




Just do a search in your favorite digital srapbooking store on “scatter” or “scatters” and you will be impressed with all of the cool things that pop up!  They really add a fun dimension to a layout rather quickly.

Do you have any scatter tips? We would love to hear them, just leave a comment.