Getting The Most From Your Week In The Life

Projects are a great way to improve your photography.  Shooting one thing, taking a photo a day, or taking part in Ali Edward’s Week in the Life are all opportunities to improve your photo taking.

Practice a few things to get the most out of your photo projects.

Shoot More Than One Frame

Consider different angles as you shoot. Above. Below. At eye level. Take more than one photo. Do it deliberately though. Don’t just simply snap multiple photos because you can, select your views and shoot. Try different crops.  One photo may appeal to you more than the others.

Photograph New Things

Look around you right now. Find ten things you’ve never photographed. Shoot them. Always shoot people looking in the lens? Grab some candid photos. Pick a color in your home. Photograph it everywhere you see it. Photograph your house numbers, your car keys, your fingerprint, your signature. Don’t overlook those things that seem mundane, but are integral parts of your everyday.

Place Things on The Diagonal

Diagonals imply motion or action in your photo. A diagonal line can lead the viewer’s eye through the photo, telling more of a story and increasing interest. Place something in the corner of the frame and let it move through the frame. Tilt your camera a smidge or two.

Leave White Space

Give things room to breathe. It can be as simple as stepping to one side to avoid extras in the frame. Stooping just a bit, going for something other than what you usually do.

Fill Your Frame

Step in closer. And then get even closer. Most everyday photos can be quickly improved by stepping in closer and being more deliberate with the subject.

Go With Your Gut

When you think, “I should shoot that,” go with it. Chances are there is an angle, a contrasting color, something of appeal that grabs your attention. Tell that story. I’d rather have too many photos than a lot of missed opportunities.

Shoot at Different Times

The photo you take at noon is not going to be the same as the photo you shoot at 6PM. Light changes and with it the personality of a photo will change. Try different times, different locations in your home to see what you find.

Try A New Technique

Projects focus our energy and intention. They can be a great time to try things you haven’t before. Experiment some.

Always shoot with your dSLR? Grab your phone. Buy a new app. Grab your point and shoot. Shake it up.

Have fun! You are making memories as well taking photos of them!

What are your favorite ways to get more out of your week in the life? And, I’m just wondering, which of those  veggie shots do you prefer?!

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